Tuesday Tunes

So Mondays are hectic for me around these parts and with the time change I was just thrown off all together. So I’ll have a Halloweekend recap for you guys tomorrow! I just finished a solid morning workout and am sitting in my student lounge eating oatmeal as I type this up this morning. But anyways, today I want to share two songs that I am currently loving on my running playlists.

I discovered this first song on Spotify and I just love the beat of it. It really makes me want to pick up my speed and keep a steady pace. It’s now a go-to when I’m feeling sluggish and need a boost during a run or work-out! It’s Geronimo by Sheppard.

What do you think?! Yeah, I love it too.

Next up, a little bit of a different sound than I usually put up here… But I am currently loving One Republic’s – I Lived. The lyrics are awesome and inspirational in a way to me. It makes me want to live every second to it’s fullest in this life so that when my time comes, I’ll know that I lived.

“I did it all, I owned every second that this world could give. I saw so many places, the things that I did; With every broken bone, I swear I lived.”

There ya have it! See y’all tomorrow with my Halloweekend recap 🙂


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