Halloween 2K14

Yes it’s Wednesday, but here is your recap from my Halloweekend! It was an exhausting one, that’s for sure. I was so happy to spend the second half of my Sunday in my bed, watching football and catching up on TV shows. So let’s start with where I left off last week…

Last week was exhausting in itself. I was on campus for 3 straight 10+ hours day, with one 12 hour day spent studying like crazy for my Neuro exams on Thursday. I was asked on the night before the exam if I would go first for the practical. ::Enter immediate heart palpitations:: I am a fast test taker and tend to be one of the first in the class to finish written exams. (I would probably get better grades if I took my time, but I get the job done.) So, with my professor knowing this, she put me first for the practical. I was excited to get it over with, but so nervous that I was the first to go. It ended up going just fine – I passed which is all I currently am worried about. The written went well also. We received our grades on Saturday and I was satisfied.

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Thursday evening was spent carving pumpkins with my whole family. It was the perfect way to decompress after a stressful week of studying. I also went on a nice, long 4.5 mile run right after my practical. The perks of going first, I was done super early and could get home to run, veg out a bit, then head over to my sister’s for family time.

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I did my normal 4 mile loop, then added a little extra loop around the lake to make it about 4.5 It was slow and steady – 10:09 was my final pace. But I was comfortable the entire time and felt like I could have just kept going! Love runs like that.

Friday was spent in class, then napping, then preparing for Halloween in DC! Our classmates had us over for a little pre-game pot luck party, then we made our way to M Street in Georgetown for the night. It was so much fun! Our group decided to all be birds for Halloween. Random, I know. But it was so fun!

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I was a penguin! My favorite animal. And this is Olivia… any guesses what bird she is?! Yep, a parrot! Here is a group action shot of all of us…

There is: a cardinal, a raven, a dove, a peacock, a hummingbird, a parakeet, a flamingo, a macaw, a parrot, a black swan, a white swan, and me!

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Saturday at the Bar Crawl holding on to a friend’s gun.

It was a great night, and man was  I feeling it Saturday morning. Which was highly unfortunate because we were planning on bar crawling all day Saturday. It took us longer than anticipated to get down to the bar crawl, and by the time we got there, I was already ready to leave. I did have a good time while I was there, but I think Friday night caught up with me eventually. I wasn’t feeling well, I was exhausted, it was cold, it was crowded. Not my cup of tea. I ended up only having a few beers and left around 8:30 to head back to my classmates.

Barb had done my eye make up on Saturday and it turned out so good, I didn’t want to take it off. But, I had “business” to do on Sunday so it had to come off. Here is a snapchat from right before it came off…

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Sunday morning, I woke up at a classmates, had some breakfast and watched some soccer before heading off to main campus for a project. We had to screen the boys baseball team as a part of one of our classes and with the help of some classmates, we knocked it out in a little over an hour! With 40 players to screen, I didn’t think that was too bad at all. Now we just have to analyze the data we collected and get back to the coach with where the team’s weaknesses are. The coach was so grateful for our help that he offered us some fitted caps! Who am I to say no to free things?

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It’s a little big on me, and I’m a nerd for taking this picture, but deal with it. I like free things.

So, there ya have it! My Halloween weekend recap. I am in much need of a relaxing, low-key weekend after that. November is all about writing papers, finishing projects, and getting in to grind mode in preparation of final exams that will come at us fast after Thanksgiving break!



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