Grateful for Family

Guys, can I just say I am so thankful for the support and love I have surrounding me daily.






Purchasing my new MacBook was not an easy feat. Literally, handing over my credit card was hard to do. I’m in grad school. I need a computer… All the time. I also make zero income, with the exception of whatever the government so kindly offers me to help me live. Word spread to some family members and a family friend that my computer had died on me and that I had just bought a new computer. By Sunday, with the help of some family and friends, my computer is half paid off. I can’t tell you how blessed that makes me feel. I am so appreciative of the support I have daily while I work so hard to achieve my dream of starting my career as a physical therapist.

Anyways, sorry for the sappy start to your Monday – I just needed to share that. Also, I don’t have much to chat about today. I laid low this weekend.. aka I did nothing but school work, sleep and workout. It was lovely and much needed.

Friday I hit the gym hard after class. I did some work and caught up on some 10PM shows I can never stay up to watch (How To Get Away With Murder anyone?! Go watch it.) And my Friday ended with being in bed by 9 and asleep by 10:30.



Saturday was spent writing my paper, completing some side assignments, and hanging out with family. B took his first selfie and he is the best.


Sunday started with a hard run. It was meant to be an easy, longer run. My goal was to shoot for 4.5-5 miles. But as soon as I took off I knew I wasn’t making that. My legs felt like lead the entire time, my chest felt tight and my body just felt off. I made it 2.5 miles but it was hard to even get that. I finished my workout with a mile and a half walk with Griffin. Maybe that was my body’s way of telling me I need another rest day.

The rest of Sunday was spent writing my paper, watching the many women’s soccer championship games on TV, and of course, watching football.

And there’s that! Have a good week!


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