Tuesday Tunes

I’ve got some fun news! Our class needed a Communications Leader for our upcoming trip to Costa Rica and no one was stepping up. The job entails reaching out to companies and asking for donations of equipment or monetary donations, and it includes creating and upkeeping the blog for our journey in February! I am so happy that I decided to step up and do it. I was in blogger heaven last night working on it. Once it is complete I will definitely pass it along to you all so you can keep up to date with what is happening in our little PT world while we prepare for our trip!

Anywho, things are about to get real crazy in these parts. Luckily, I’ve finished my paper, finished two side assignments, and only have to study for finals which will creep up soon after Thanksgiving break. Let’s get right in to what song I’m loving lately on today’s Tuesday Tunes.

I’m loving this song during runs lately. Awesome beat and awesome message! And that’s it for today. Happy Tuesday!


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