Sorry for the late post today. It’s been a busy day filled with traffic, classes, almost falling asleep in classes and a solid 4 mile run. Let’s jump right in!

1. I’m starting to feel the heat of finals and it’s not even finals week yet. Oh, boy.

2. I discovered a new food place the other day. My sister had been a few times, but it was my first time. And OMG it was delicious. It’s Cava Mezze Grill and it’s basically a Mediterranean version of Chipotle.

IMG_4506This is my bowl. I got the Greens and Grains bowl – spinach and arugula and basmati rice. Taziki, regular hummus and roasted red pepper hummus. Chicken. Tomatoes with red onion, tomatoes with cucumber, quinoa (insert fancy name here). Lemon wedge. Lemon tahini herb dressing. OMG. Guys. It was so, so good. Go find one and try it out. Now.

3. The weather this week took a turn towards the frigid. Now, we aren’t nearly Buffalo-stat (aka I am so glad I live no where near Buffalo and I am sorry that they are buried under 7 feet of snow), but it is way cold for November. Yesterday was my day off and I wanted nothing to do with the outdoors.


Except I needed to take the pup out, so I layered up and went 2.5 miles in the frigid 20 degree weather. It was not fun. If it is this cold next week for my 10K, I may be waiting in the car for everyone to finish.

4. I always have such good things in my head that I want to bring up in this post throughout the week but I never remember them. Stupid things that people say, dumb things people do, epiphanies that I have about life. I need to start writing them down.

5. On my walk with Griff in the frigid-ness yesterday, I decided to pull up one of my podcasts after reading Chelsea’s post the other day on them. Of course, I picked this on cause I’m a nerd and I like the brain a lot.

IMG_4500Except. It was so cold, my phone shut off half way through my walk. I’m assuming it was because it was so cold because it was charged pretty well. So I didn’t finish it. But I will eventually.

6. I really need to go get my eyes checked, but I need to find a good deal. My insurance doesn’t cover eye care anymore, and I turn 26 in January so I get new insurance. But I don’t think I can wait that long. As I sit here typing this I am squinting at the screen, and I am a foot and a half away from it.

7. B-Mack came with us to lunch yesterday and he decided to give me the finger when I bundled him up to head outside.


Okay, he didn’t know he was giving me the finger, but it was pretty funny. And he’s the cutest.

That is all I have for you today.  I have to get started on some work and head to sleep early. It’s like no matter how early I go to sleep lately, I just can’t seem to kick my extreme exhaustion. I can’t afford to get sick right now so I’m pumping vitamin C and tea! Have a good weekend friends.


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