Thanksgiving 2014

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving yesterday and is getting a nice long weekend like myself! I, unfortunately, have been pretty sick these past few days, but I’ve been hanging in there and had a great Thanksgiving yesterday!

We had off of school on Wednesday and I had huge plans to wake up and get some studying done – we have an exam on Tuesday that I have yet to buckle down and study for. (Hint: I’m having intense “senioritis” and currently have no desire whatsoever to study for upcoming exams/finals.) So Wednesday, huge plans. Then I wake up with a nasty cough. A nose like a faucet. A pounding sinus headache. And my body aching like I had just run a marathon. My dad had been sick, then it got to my mom, so I knew it was coming for me even though I did everything to avoid it. I was miserable. And still am, as I lay in bed on Thursday night and type this up. Needless to say, nothing got done Wednesday. Unless you call watching season one of Girls, and three different movies (Hercules, That Awkward Moment, and Heaven is For Real) doing something. I took NyQuil at 7:30 and was out by 8. It was glorious. Oh, and I had Ramen for dinner. Ramen. What is this, college? Nothing sounded appetizing because I couldn’t taste anything and I had already had soup for lunch. Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Thursday morning I had big plans to run the Turkey Chase 10K in Bethesda with my brother-in-law and best friend. I knew I had been feeling awful but I wanted to stick it out. I actually felt pretty decent when my alarm went off at 6 AM – it may have been because a potential fever broke around 3 AM when I woke up in a puddle of sweat. So I bundled up, drank my coffee, ate my oatmeal and hit the road. We got there early so we stayed warm in the car for a bit…


It actually wasn’t too cold, about 36 when we got there and it was still warming up (since it was 7:30 in the morning). I wasn’t feeling my greatest but I thought I would give the run my best shot and if I needed to walk, so be it – I was in no rush and was just running this race to ease some of my race fever. Eventually we headed up to the port-a-potties then made our way to the start line. One of my classmates was also running the race so we made sure to meet up before and after the race!



We stayed in the back of the corrals because we weren’t shooting for a fast time – I was sick, my best friend, Casey, hadn’t been training much (but is still a beast runner, always), and my brother-in-law had never run more than 3 miles. We started about 8 minutes after the first group. This route was super hilly but here’s how it went:

Mile 1: Pace 10:10; it was a good start and we were taking it nice and slow. We headed in to a bunch of neighborhoods which were super hilly but not terrible – where I run around my house is pretty hilly so nothing that I wasn’t used to.

Mile 2: Pace 10:25; not sure what was happening here – I think more hills and also the first water stop that things got a little jammed up for a bit.

Mile 3: Pace 10:04; I was starting to get in the groove and feeling pretty good; the roads had leveled out and there weren’t many more hills.

Mile 4: Pace 10:17; Here is where Casey started to lose me; My chest was super tight and I was just struggling to breathe with all the congestion in me so I started to slow a bit. I knew Casey had more in her so I just told her to go for it and I would catch up if I could. So I just kept my eyes on her ponytail for awhile and even walked a bit.

Mile 5: Pace 10:24; Definitely walked here a bit.. Whenever I walked I never allowed myself to do it for longer than 30 seconds or so, just long enough to open up my chest a bit. My head was pounding and I was regretting my decision of getting out of bed.

Mile 6: Pace 10:09; I heard my RunKeeper hit the 5 mile mark and I knew only had a little over a mile left. So I dug in deep and found my brother-in-law and let him pace me. He was killing it! I was so proud him for never running more than 3 miles and just stepping in and crushing this 10K! So I used him as my motivation to finish strong. I actually did walk for maybe 15 seconds once or twice in this mile, then I would mentally say “What are you doing, the finish line is right there, just go!” So I went.

Mile 7 (aka the .2): Pace 9:43; seeing the finish line made me happy – and the fact that it was all down hill made me happier. I also loved the people cheering us on in the end – Seriously, a good crowd can make or break a race! I finished strong with a final time of 1:04:02, a  pace of 10:19.

Definitely not my speediest by any means, but given my misery and sickness, I will take it! And it made me feel so much better about stuffing my face later in the day that I completed this 10K.

IMG_4548 IMG_4552

As you can see, I was slightly dying post-race. Here is me and Ricardo and then me and Casey :). The rest of Thanksgiving was spent napping on the couch with hot tea and Vicks. Then we feasted on your typical Thanksgiving feast that I failed to snap pictures of because I was feeling miserable and could not taste anything. Ugh! How terrible is it being sick on a holiday thats surrounded by food. I was not a happy camper. And because I’m sick, I wasn’t allowed to cuddle this little man:


He had his eyes open, but my flash blinded him. Oops, sorry B. He looked so handsome for Thanksgiving dinner in little teeny jeans and a polo. And his bear coat only topped things off.

And that was my Thanksgiving. Nothing crazy, but just the right amount of family time! Now, if only I could feel better, that would be great. This morning I think we are heading out to a few stores tog et some good deals – but we aren’t huge on Black Friday stuff. Especially on Thanksgiving Day. I hate that they open the stores so early now – it takes away from the meaning of the holiday and it ruins everything! </rant>

I hope you all enjoy your long Thankgiving weekend with family!


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