I Feel Home

Even though I’ve been recovering from a nasty a cold, I didn’t let that get me down and made sure to venture out this weekend to hang out with some old friends! I think that’s one of my favorite things about the holidays – getting together with good friends who you’ve lost touch with through the years and haven’t seen since high school. While I keep in touch with my three best friends still on a daily basis, there are others who I just haven’t been able to keep up with so it’s always good to see them!

Friday night, I headed out to the bar to meet up with some high school friends. It was a small group which was perfect since we could talk in a small group and catch up without having to walk around and feel the need to talk to 50 different people –  half of whom I could probably care less about what they’re doing (Sorry, not sorry). I had a great time catching up, dancing and drinking a few beers with some close friends from high school that I hadn’t seen in forever!


The group! Sorry for the terrible picture; the lighting was bad and my computer is being weird with pictures lately and making them more blurry when I make them bigger.


The girls


Me, Brian and Hana

And me and Hana!

It was a great night of catching up with some great friends. Saturday morning was a little rough because I drank a little more than I anticipated, but it was well worth the good time. Saturday I headed to the library to get some studying done (I made it a whole 1.5 hours before giving up and returning to my bed).

Saturday night, me and Hana headed out to Arlington to Bianca’s place. And from there we went to dinner at Fuego in Clarendon. It was so good! We started out with an appetizer of guacamole and chips to share and we each got different types of tacos.

IMG_4568Again, horrible picture but you get the idea. I got the pork tacos with a pineapple salsa and they were delicious! They had just the right amount of kick to them and tons of flavor. The prices were not bad at all and this is definitely a place I will be returning to! After we ate, we ordered a glass a wine and just sat and chatted for awhile before meeting up with Bianca’s boyfriend and friend at a bar nearby.

IMG_4571It was so good to spend the night out with these girls. We were missing Chelsea, of course, so I can’t wait for Christmas time when we can all four get together! I especially can’t wait for our annual gingerbread house get-together. It’s probably my favorite thing about the holidays!

Sunday was spent walking around the lake with Hana, writing this post, and studying for my Neuro exam on Tuesday. I definitely have slacked in the studying department this time around, but I’m not too worried. Maybe I will be on Monday night, but for right now – it is what it is, haha. I hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend with family and friends – before we know it, Christmas will be here!


One thought on “I Feel Home

  1. thanksgiving is always the time when i see all of my friends from high school as well, and i couldn’t agree more about the small groups. there are a few people from high school who i genuinely love to see and want to talk to, buuuut there are more people that i just want to wave and smile to and not have to go into an in-depth conversation about their life or my life. like you said.. sorry, i’m not sorry. haha.

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