Come Home, Bode

It has not been the best week. I’ve been super stressed and thought I failed my Neuro exam on Tuesday; I bet my friend a shot that I did not get higher than a certain grade. Alas, I owe her a drink because I did. I just did not feel like I did well coming out of that test. But oh well, on to the next one! Which is less than a week away…

But the main thing on my mind this week is Bode.


My brother and his girlfriend are in Chicago for a little getaway and for tonight’s Dallas-Chicago football game. They left Bode with us while they were away. Bode is a recent rescue and is very shy and very scared of most people still. He escaped from our yard on Tuesday night when my mom was standing right there watching him – she just couldn’t get to him fast enough. We searched until about midnight on Tuesday, I was up at 7 on Wednesday and covered about 3 miles of neighborhoods, looking under decks, yelling for him, crying, praying he would pop up. Nothing. Danny and Kristen hadn’t left yet on Tuesday night, they had a very early flight on Wednesday morning. We called them when he got out and they came right over. It’s now Thursday morning and still no sign of him. I have been a mess. I feel guilty for having to come to school or study or sleep because I should be out looking for him. I couldn’t stop crying Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. I’m so scared for him, because I know that he is so scared. It’s cold outside and we are supposed to get a ton of rain this weekend. I pray that someone finds him soon and he that he is safe. We have had one person with a potential sighting – but it is no where near where we were looking. It’s about 5 miles from my house which is concerning, but we are just expanding our flyers. We have already contacted local shelters, the Humane Society, animal control, every single Facebook group in the area about lost dogs, postal service and created flyers. We know that we have done and are doing everything we can at this point and that is it just a waiting game. We are praying that he will get hungry and go up to people soon. He has on his collar with my brother’s number and his girlfriend’s number, as well as his harness.

While my brother is not blaming us for this happening, it could have happened to them – we feel so guilty and just want to do everything we can. I have finals in less than a week and I am having trouble concentrating on studying because I just want Bode to be home so bad. I get home and see his crate in our living room and I immediately get upset. I can’t talk about it without tearing up… as I sit here in my classroom alone with tears streaming down my face. So I’m trying to stay at school, away from the craziness at home as long as possible to get work done. Danny and Kristen get home Friday afternoon and I’m sure things will only get more intense in the search if he hasn’t come around yet. And as much as I want feel the need to be there for them helping, I need to get through the end of this semester more.

So please, just pray that Bode pops up soon, safe and sound, and that he is returned to my brother and Kristen. I’m thinking positive, and I’m just about cried out, but we need all the help we can get to get Bode home. It’s been incredible the response that we’ve seen from our community and those communities surrounding us. We just pray that he finds his way home soon.


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