Family Christmas

How was everyone’s Christmas?? Mine was great over here with tons of family time, too much food, and of course, wine. Lots of wine. And champagne, in the form of mimosas.

Christmas morning was extremely quiet in these parts. It was just me and my mom since my dad was working and my brother and his fiancé were in New Jersey with her family. So we actually just relaxed, ate some pancakes and read our books (I finished That Night by Chevy Stevens — so good!). I turned on Frozen as I drank some coffee and we wrapped some more presents for the boys – because they needed more of course. I don’t expect much anymore for Christmas, I really just enjoy giving my parents gifts who have given me so much over the years. But my mom got me some new scarves, Christmas PJs, and a nice workout jacket. I was so thankful for everything!

We eventually headed over to my sisters for apps and mimosas! Which being from Maryland, obviously meant crab balls with extra Old Bay. SO GOOD.


While dinner cooked, my grandparents stopped by and we just relaxed and watched the boys play with all of their fun new toys. S got a trampoline and C got a pogo stick – but C was more into his Legos at the moment and S took that opportunity to try out the pogo stick….


He is still a little small for it, but he was hilarious trying to use it. He cracks me up.

Eventually it was dinner time! On the menu: spiral honey baked ham, spinach salad made by yours truly, sweet potatoes, stuffing, bacon wrapped asparagus, and rolls!


Salad: Spinach and Arugula, hard boiled eggs, blueberries, almonds, avocado and cherry tomatoes!

Everything was delicious and I was stuffed! B had a good time hanging out with us at the table and smiling his big old cheeks off.


After dinner was time to open more presents for the boys from other family in Colorado and from my parents. At that point I think I was on mimosa number six or seven. So I was getting sleepy and pretty tipsy, haha. So pictures like this showed up on my phone:


Overall, it was a great family filled day! The highlight of the day was when my sister and I gave my mom her new necklace. It is an Origami Owl necklace in a heart shape with some charms in it. The charms are: a heart that says family in it, a green gem (her and her mother’s birthstone is emerald), and an angel representing her mother who left us too soon this past March. She was close to tears (we were hoping for some more waterworks), but we knew she was extremely moved by the necklace.

Friday and Saturday were relaxing and filled with the gym, laziness, and more reading. Sunday, we gathered again for Christmas part 2 to exchange our Secret Santa gifts! I made up a nice spread of food: a crescent roll veggie pizza, buffalo chicken dip and some chili. And we just ate up while we watched the Redskins lose horribly to the Cowboys. My Secret Santa knows me very well and got me some new workout gear! A highlighter yellow and gray hoodie and gray running tights – perfect!

IMG_4829 IMG_4830


It was a great end to the perfect family filled holiday weekend! Now I begin seriously preparing for my clinical which starts up in one week (!) and prepare for my road trip up to Philly for NYE! See y’all!


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