Clinic – (Half of) Week 1

Hello there! Well now, I don’t know how you bloggers out there do it – work full time, post full time, have lives full time… ! This week has been straight exhausting. I’m really excited to chat with you all about how it went, though – so let’s get to it!

So if you have been reading for awhile, you know that my anxiety levels tend to go through the roof when I worry too much about what is happening in the future. So I was having pretty high anxiety about getting started with my CPII (Clinical Placement 2); add on the fact that I’m in a hospital and I used to pass out just stepping in to them = increased anxiety. Alas, I did not pass out this week and it went great! (Yep, I just used the word “alas”, it makes me feel like Dumbledore.)


Monday was pretty chill. It was a lot of orientation and talking and reading material and getting used to the computer systems. I literally think we were sitting at my CI’s desk from 8-12 just going over material I needed to know. It was overwhelming but needed to get done! She took me on a tour of the hospital and let me in on the things that I needed to know, then we finally got around to seeing 3 patients to end out the day. It helped ease my mind a bit just getting eased in to things and not jumping right in to treating, so Monday was a good day! I had gotten there an hour early (oops), because I wasn’t sure how traffic would be, so she let me sneak out a bit early. Monday ended on the treadmill with a speedy 2.75 miles to help decrease my anxiety a bit more.


Ohhhhhh Tuesday. This day was ROUGH. Let’s just say, the DMV was not at all prepared for what was about to hit them. We knew some snow was coming; no it wasn’t a lot of snow that did come, but when you’re unprepared, it’s bad. The roads were apparently “pre-treated” on Monday – which they were, I noticed it on my drive home Monday. However this was my commute in on Tuesday:



Yep. That’s the highway that was pre-treated. I couldn’t see any lines, or asphalt. And I didn’t go over 20 MPH the entire time on the highway. Which I wouldn’t have wanted to go any faster because I was scared for my life the entire time I was driving. My commute is generally a little over 30 minutes. Tuesday, it took two hours and twenty minutes. It was horrible and the county/area did a horrible job of preparing! My hospital is also on top of a hill, so there are MANY hills to get to it. I started crying at one point because I didn’t think my little sedan would make it up a hill. I felt like the little engine that could.

Clinic was good, once I got there. We saw more patients than Monday, I observed a bit more and used the computer to document. I did some exercises with a few patients and felt comfortable. It was a good day. Getting home was fine, the snow had melted and since most schools were cancelled there was no traffic. The gym just did not happen, it had been a long, exhausting day and I wasn’t feeling it.


I got to work right on time – not an hour early and not incredibly late. We jumped right in to reading our patient’s charts that we were seeing for the day, checking on any new reports about patients we had seen the day before, seeing who was discharge, etc. I’m getting much more comfortable looking over the charts in the computer and feel like I am quickly getting in the swing of things. Today I worked with one patient almost completely by myself and worked with 2 others with the help of my CI. Most things I am comfortable with doing on my own, however sometimes I don’t know the answers to the patient’s questions so it’s good that my CI will never be too far away. Many of their questions have to do with things about being discharged and I just don’t know the hospital’s policies yet. Overall, a good day. On the way home I debated the gym – I needed to go – but the 18 degree temperature not including wind chill was not making me want to go. I, at that point, decided that AM workouts needed to start, because I was just too exhausted to do it after work.

So this is where I leave off. Hopefully I successfully hit the gym this morning by 5:30AM and made it work by 8AM. Otherwise I will be mad at myself because I need to go. The wind chill this morning is supposed to be in the NEGATIVES. Oh, what’s up polar vortex, no body missed you.


4 thoughts on “Clinic – (Half of) Week 1

  1. driving in weather like you described gives me such anxiety. i’ve gotten into a few winter car wrecks and they are so scary! the polar vortex can buzz off anytime now and i’ll be good with it.

    1. I can’t imagine being up there where you are!!! I’m complaining about wind chills in the negative and you probably have regular temps in the negatives! Hope you’re keeping warm!

  2. Yay I love hearing about this!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying everything. And yes, the main reason I workout in the morning is because it’s too hard to do it in the evening! Plus I need the evening for blogging!

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