Good Luck!!

This post is dedicated to my best friend Chelsea as she undergoes a little surgery to her foot this morning! This was a big decision for her to make, as fitness is a huge part of life and this will sideline her for a short time. But being in the professional field I am in, I think it was the definite right choice to make since she’s still young and has a lot more marathons to run!


Good luck today Chels!! You’re gonna be great and back on your feet in no time at all!


Just think of this time as hibernation from the polar vortex happening outside and enjoy being able to work from home in you PJs with Jack (and Fabio to help you out!)! Love ya and I hope you heal super quick!!


Also, this post made me realize I have no pictures with just you. Ha! ❤


One thought on “Good Luck!!

  1. I forgot to tell you – I read this in the car on my way to my surgery and it made me feel great. Thanks Sam!!! LOVE YOUUUU!!!

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