The Best Birthday Yet

Guys. Can I just tell you how amazingly perfect my birthday weekend was? I seriously have never felt so much love from so many people and I can’t even begin to describe how incredible that made me feel. Let’s jump right in to the recap, shall we?!


First things first I’m the realest, week two of clinic was great! I am now seeing 5-6 patients with little or no assistance of my supervisor and I am finally getting more comfortable with everything in the acute care setting. I’ve selected my case report subject and only have 5 weeks left of clinic before Costa Rica! It’s going to fly by.


Friday was my actual birthday, which meant a full day of clinic! My supervisor brought in some yummy treats for me to share with everyone which was so sweet of her. Overall, the day passed just like any other day at clinic. Except I got three compliments from three different patients which made me feel great! One patient told me I was beautiful, one told me I was going to make an amazing physical therapist, and one stated that I was the best person that has helped her get out of bed. They were all little comments that just helped brighten up my day a bit :-). Friday evening was uneventful, I knew I had a big Saturday planned so I just hung out with my family and ended up in bed by 9, and was asleep before 9:30.


Going to sleep before 9:30 meant that I was up and ready to go before 7am. Unfortunately I didn’t have to leave until later so I just laid in bed and read my book (Currently reading: The One and Only by Emily Giffin), and started doing my hair and getting ready. Soon enough, I was out the door headed to Arlington for birthday celebrations! I had reservations for 25 people at a local brunch spot and was so excited to get the day started! I was so lucky to have not only my classmates there with me, but also my best friends from home, and one of my best friends from college. A great mix of people! People started to arrive and we dove right in to ordering champagne for mimosas! Then this happened….





My best friend, Hana, who lives in NYC came down to help celebrate! All of my best friends were in on it for weeks and I had no clue! It was seriously the best surprise and my friends are so sneaky! And yes, there were tears…


I was so surprised and it seriously made my weekend. Things like this remind me how blessed I am to have these three in my life still. There is just something about your childhood friends that makes life so much more special, and these three mean the world to me. Thank you for helping me celebrate 26, I love you guys!


I didn’t snap a picture of the buffet of food, but OMG, so much delicious food! It was all you can eat and there was an amazing spread – we’re talking: sushi, spiced shrimp, tons of cold salads, flatbreads, waffles, french toast, omelette station, carving station with some meat, chicken and steak tacos, bacon and sausage, jambalaya, empanadas, quiche, and SO much more. Oh and a dessert table with creme brûlée, strawberries and chocolate, cookies, and other goodies. Safe to say we were all very satisfied! We were there from about 11 until just after 3 and it was such a great time. I loved being able to have all of my best friends together celebrating!

Me and Sarah!
Barb, Olivia and I!
Alexis and birthday shots!
Cheersing: There are tall ships and small ships and ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships so here’s to you and me!

After brunch we headed over to a bar next door to play some shuffleboard and have a few more drinks and birthday shots. (As if we needed more).



Eventually, we all headed back to a classmate’s house to hang out and play some more drinking games. They were all headed to a concert but I decided to head back to Chelsea’s house to hang out before heading home. Bianca drove us home later that night and I was in bed by 10! I literally could not have asked for a more perfect day celebrating 26!


Sunday began quiet, with blog writing, finishing my assignment, reading and watching EPL in bed with coffee and breakfast. I took Griff out for a walk before he left to go home. And cleaned the house in preparation for family time.


For dinner, the whole gang came over to continue the birthday celebrations! The boys have been knocked out by the flu for the past few weeks, including baby B, but everyone seems to be doing better! Unfortunately, my brother’s fiancé came down with a fever Sunday morning and so they didn’t join us. We watched some football and ate some crab dip, burgers, veggies and salads. Ending the night with cupcakes!


Overall, it was the best birthday weekend I could have ever imagined and I just know 26 is going to be the best year yet! Cheers to 26, y’all!


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