A Day In The Life

It’s Thinking Out Loud day and it’s time for a day in the life post! I’ve done a few these in the past and since my schedule changes pretty much every few months while in school, why not just do another?! I know you all are just as nosy as I am when it comes to wondering about people’s day to day lives.. As if we don’t know enough about each other already just from reading blogs everyday? 😉

So here we go! This is my typical day at clinical when I make it to the gym in the mornings (at least 3 times a week I make it in the AM.)

4:54 AM: Alarm goes off. Turn it off without opening my eyes. Debate turning on my second alarm and just going to the gym after work.

4:57 AM: Realize that if I don’t go to the gym now, I won’t go after work. Open my eyes.

5:00-5:08 AM: Get my eyes to open more by checking emails and all social media… because everything on social media is so different from 8 hours ago when I went to sleep…

5:09 AM: Running late, shocker. Get my butt out of bed, use bathroom, wash face, etc.

5:12 AM: Start coffee, eat a banana, go get dressed for the gym.

5:18 AM: Make coffee, gather lunch and breakfast (prepared last night).

5:25 AM: Grab shower bag and work bag, double check that I have my scrubs, hospital shoes, and name tag. Out the door! Running a tad late, oops.

5:35 AM: Arrive at the gym. Put everything in a locker. Take off all my layers.

5:40 AM: On the Arc Trainer to warm up the muscles! And wake up more.

5:55 AM: Crap, need to go lift! Body pump class is happening in the group exercise room so I head over to the machines and the mini stretching room. Todays workout included:

  • Lat pull down behind the head, rows, single leg abduction, skaters, Bosu ball stability shoulder work, skull crushers, I’s and T’s, goblet squat, and Bosu lateral agility drill. Followed by stretching and some core work!

I never really go in with a plan; I kind of just see what’s more sore after I warm up, and work around the soreness. I guess I should probably try to plan it out but that requires more time that I don’t have. It was still a great workout and got my heart pumping!

6:25 AM: Alarm goes off, time to get in the shower!

6:30-6:45 AM: Shower, throw some gel in my hair, throw on a little mascara, get bundled up and out the door!

6:47-7:30AM: Sit in traffic, listen to the Kane show, drink my coffee, dream about my oatmeal (Starving.)

7:40 AM: Heat up oatmeal that I prepared last night, bring it up to the Rehab office, get settled at the computer.

7:50-8:25 AM: Chart reviews. (Read notes and information on the patients we are seeing that day, plan who to see first, discuss plan with CI.) We are seeing a few ICU patients today, should be exciting! Also seeing a patient with a rotationplasty – medicine is amazing!

8:30-10:00 AM: See patients all over the place; one was on her way to get a scan, maybe we will be back later. See our ortho patient in 4 East. See a few patients on the 5th floor.

10:20-12:20PM: See more patients. Head to the ICU and back to the 5th floor. Stomach is growling. I’m ready for lunch.

12:30 PM: Lunch time! Grab my lunch and phone and head to the outpatient gym for a meeting while we eat lunch.

12:35 PM: Catch up on the 50+ text messages from my group chat with my friends from home. Try to pay attention to the meeting that has nothing to do with me.

1:00-1:30 PM: Go up and document some more.

1:35-3:30 PM: Back down to the ICU to see another patient who was sleeping earlier. Back up to the 4th floor to see two more patients.

3:35-4:15 PM: Document the rest of my notes. Laugh with fellow co-workers about events of the day. Discuss plan of care for patients.

4:17-4:35 PM: Go over my notes with my CI. Put in charges. Gather things and get outta there!

4:45 PM: Get in my car, check traffic, try to catch up on the 85 text messages from my friends from home :-). Hit the road.

4:50-5:40 PM: It’s a gorgeous day so I’m hoping that I beat the sun home and can go for a quick run. Call my mom. Listen to some music. Sit in traffic.

5:45 PM: Sun is going down and realize I’m pretty sore and shouldn’t run. So I hop in the shower to wash off the hospital stank.

6:00 PM: Mom is at yoga, dad is at work, on my own for dinner. My go to? Egg sandwich. With spinach and whole wheat toast. Yellow bell peppers and cherry tomatoes on the side.

6:20 PM: Grab my water bottle and head to my bed to start typing this post and eat my dinner. (Something about my bed when I get home from work that just calls to me.)

6:30 PM: Remember that I missed Chicago Fire last night, so I turn it on from OnDemand. (It’s on a 10, I am way asleep by then.)

7:15 PM: Start working on my PowerPoint for my inservice. My topic: Caring for the obese patient in the acute care setting. With a focus on the equipment needs/costs.

8:00-8:25  PM: Head downstairs, make my lunch for tomorrow, get the coffee pot ready to turn on, make my oatmeal for breakfast. Throw my lunch and breakfast in my lunch box and into the fridge.

8:30 PM: Tummy is a little hungry, so I grab a handful of Skinny Pop popcorn. Sit on the couch and chat with Mom for a bit.

9:00 PM: Make my gym bag for the morning, get my scrubs together, put everything by my bedroom door.

9:05 PM: Get in to bed and set my alarm: either AM gym time (4:54), or sleep-in time (5:38AM).

9:15 PM: Lights out. And within 20 minutes I am down for the count!

And there we have it! Sorry for the super long post. But that’s my typical day! Busy, exhausting and I can’t wait to get in to my bed the second I get home. (After showering and taking off my nasty hospital scrubs)

Only 2.5 more weeks until clinical is over and I am on my way to Costa Rica. I. Can’t. Wait.


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