It’s hump day. And I can’t believe that this time is flying by so, incredibly, quickly. A week from today I have my final inservice for my clinical, and a week from Friday is my last day of my second clinical placement. Then a week from Saturday I will be on a plane and headed to Costa Rica.

So, right now I feel like I’m on Auto-Pilot. I go to the gym. I go to work. I come home. I start to pack. I work on my inservice. I go to sleep. And I repeat. I’m just moving along in my days right now waiting for a break. And after my five hour meeting about Costa Rica, I am feeling overwhelmed.

I have a lot of packing to do. A lot of shopping to do. A lot of clinic work to still do. And I am exhausted. Constantly exhausted. I’ve been taking random rest days from the gym because I really just sometimes don’t have the energy to go.

Right now, my checked luggage bag is about a quarter full with just toiletries. I just ordered water shoes on Amazon, because we need water shoes. I need to get a pair of royal blue scrub pants. I want to go buy a straw fedora hat and some cheap sunglasses – cause no way my Ray Bans are coming with me to Costa Rica. I need to contact the owner of the house we are staying at and make sure everything is still good to go.

My clinic is going amazing. I had my first patient go non-responsive on me the other day. It was the scariest sh*t I’ve ever experienced in my life. But I’m glad that it happened now and I’ve gotten the initial shock of it out of the way. I know that next time I can react without hesitation – even though my CI and the occupational therapist I was with both said I did an amazing job and did everything I was supposed to. But holy adrenaline rush! Other than that, my CI has been giving me tons more space and I’ve been treating 90% of the patients on my own. The only patients that she helps with are the ones in the ICU, which I am grateful for the little help.

This post was pointless, besides to get things out of my brain and onto something. Sorry for my rambling. I’ll be slacking on posting until I get my life together a bit more. But in lieu of posts, I promise detailed recap posts of my 2.5 weeks in Costa Rica upon my return.

Don’t forget to keep updated with the trip through my class’s page (That I’m in charge of and will be updating every day or two while down there!)


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