Galentine’s Weekend!

So I pulled a big blogger fail this weekend – I took minimal pictures of my fun things I did. But that won’t stop me from giving you all a little recap of my activities! Let’s get right to it…


I actually got out of work around 1 on Friday and headed straight to school. I got out early because my CI was sick and they gave me the time to work on my inservice. While I was down there, I helped out with packing up supplies that were donated for Costa Rica. That then, led to a little happy hour across the street at A-Town. We met up with a PT who graduated last year from our school, so it was fun to throw questions at him about interviewing, salaries, and anything else that came to mind. I actually don’t think we talked about anything not physical therapy related. Hey, if ya don’t wanna talk PT, don’t come to happy hour with all PT students!

I was pretty exhausted and feeling socially drained from the week after that, but still headed over to a  classmates to chat and hang out. When she left to go out, I opted to head home and sleep. It was a great decision because I passed out as soon as I got home, around 9:30 :-).


Just another day. I woke up at the crack of dawn, but laid in bed for a few hours before making any moves. Considered going to the gym but I just was not feeling it. Considered starting to work on my inservice, then I remembered it was Saturday and Saturdays are for soccer!


Both of my nephews do the Little Kickers program at our local indoor soccer facility and I realized this was the only time I would be able to go, so I jumped on the opportunity! Above is C, about to shoot his PK. And below is me and C, aka me doing tricks and dribbling circles around him to make him mad. (Hahaha, best Aunt ever.)


And while the big brothers were out on the field doing their thing, little brother, B, was being the cutest thing ever and giving me the stank eye.


It was a morning well spent with my nephews and my sister! After soccer, I ran a few errands with my Mom: get some blue scrub pants from the store, hit a few other stores looking for a bathing suit bottom to match my new VS top, come up short on the bathing suit bottoms and give up.

Then it was time for my date! With my best friend, Bianca.


We decided to do a little Galentine’s date which included manicures and pedicures at a new nail salon nearby, a quick dinner, followed by a viewing of Fifty Shades of Grey. This is the part that I failed to take any pictures.  The new nail salon was gorgeous and we were very impressed. The owner actually used to work at a different salon but opened up this one on his own – we had recognized him instantly (do we get our nails done too much?) We didn’t have much time before the start of the movie – about an hour, so we just ventured next door to Cafe Rio. Always a good choice!

Our day ended with Fifty Shades of Grey. And I know the whole Fifty Shades topic is controversial and everyone has their opinions of the books/movie, but I was a fan of the movie, big time. I liked the books – in a “this book is more for entertainment, not for literature” way. The books have their issues – repetition, poor grammar, weird storyline, etc. But I thought the movie drew me in a lot and seriously had me swooning over Christian Grey by the end. (Coming from someone who initially was bummed that the actor was not who I would picture as Christian Grey.) My verdict: I wouldn’t pay to go see it again (cause I’m cheap), but I will definitely be watching it again at some point, and I can’t wait for the sequels. Did you see Fifty Shades? What did you think?


Sunday was a little out of control. I woke up to temperatures in the single digits and the wind chill reaching -20. Yes, negative twenty. I hadn’t been to the gym in two days and I really hate skipping the gym three days in a row, but there was just no way I was going outside in that cold. So I hunkered down with my oatmeal and coffee and got to working on my inservice.

I was actually super productive yesterday: I got a ton of packing and laundry done – leaving Saturday for 3 weeks in Costa Rica!; I eventually ran some errands to make copies of my passport, get a bathing suit bottom from Target, and pick up a few books from the library for my trip. While doing laundry I also began doing jumping lunges and squats for a little bit of physical activity; hey, whatever makes me feel better for taking 3 days off. It actually felt really good though, which makes me think my body needed it. Hooray for body recovery!

I made dinner for myself… (okay, my mom made the spaghetti squash before she left, but I did everything else!) Spaghetti squash with a ground turkey, spinach and pepper meat sauce! And a side of wine.



Now I’m typing this post up as I drink the rest of my wine and procrastinate what I really need to be doing: finishing my inservice! This is my final week of my CP2… CRAZY! Wednesday I am giving an inservice to about 20 people about the types of equipment available to hospitals to adequately care for patients who are obese. Should be pretty interesting, once I get it done.

Happy Monday, people! Only 5 more days of work and then I’ll be headed to the SUN in Costa Rica. I CAN’T WAIT!


One thought on “Galentine’s Weekend!

  1. Love the soccer pics! You’re such a good auntie. I’m so happy I already know the happy ending to the bathing suit bottom dilemma. CAN’T WAIT TO READ ABOUT CR!!!!

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