Bye Arctic, Hello Sunshine!

Well, here we are! One day until I head down to Costa Rica for 2.5 weeks for a mission trip with my class (and a little extra 4 days of fun at the end).


For two weeks, I will be in various locations around the Alajuela area of Costa Rica. I know a few fun things planned are a day in the volcanic hot springs, a zip lining tour, and a day at Manuel Antonio National Park (Pictured above). The time between the fun will be spent providing medical and physical therapy services to the residents of the facilities that we are affiliated with.

But first, today I have to finish up my clinical work strong – I’m sad to leave these amazing people that I’ve become so close with over the last 7 weeks. This has been, by far, my best clinical experience for me.  I honestly never thought that I would say I loved acute care (hospitals), but it happened. I truly enjoyed every day at my clinical, everything was different each day, I had to be on my toes, I had to make quick clinical decisions, I got to interact with the  “big dogs” (all the surgeons and MDs), and I had to constantly be thinking about things while working with the patients. I loved it.

I have to say… I’m not that mad that I’m getting out of here for a bit. These subzero temperatures are NOT my favorite, and to say that I’m excited about having a high of 88 degrees and low in the 60s would be a major understatement. I’M SO EXCITED!

I most likely will not be posting on this blog while I am down there, however I am in charge of our class blog, so please please please keep up with our activities on that blog!! You know I’ll be back with full updates when I return, but I’ll also be hitting the ground running  when we get back. I’ll only have about 24 days to study for the comprehensive exams I need to pass in order to graduate. Enter panic attacks.

That’s all I have for you all today. Time to get to clinic and enjoy my last day in the hospital! See y’all in March!

Here is the link for my class blog… follow it. You know you want to see what I’m up to while you all are cold up here in America… 🙂



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