CR Part 4: The Fun!

We had 2 and a half adventure days planned for us during our time down in Costa Rica. We spent one evening in downtown San Jose, the following day was spent zip-lining and at hot springs, and the final day of the trip was spent at the beach. Here’s a (BRIEF) recap of all of those things! And I’m about to photo dump like whoa – so be ready.

San Jose

Saturday night, after a half day of work, we headed down to San Jose. We took a tour of the city, which started at the Church – which was incredible. The architecture was amazing, everything was hand painted, the stained-glass windows were beautiful. The rest of the tour took us around to different parks, landmarks and buildings. We passed the President’s work place, the local school, a many different historical landmarks. We ended the day at a market where we got a ton of souvenirs! And then finished up with dinner, but most importantly, the most delicious sangria ever!



The church


Street art was very common
The school
The “Yellow” House, where the President of CR works


Hard to see, but that wall looking thing to the right is a piece of the Berlin Wall given to Costa Rica


IMG_5425 IMG_5429


A few of the goodies I got at the market… handmade wooden crafts are the specialty in CR – I got 2 mugs, a hot pan holder, three headbands, and a purse from the market!

IMG_5435Zip Lining

Sunday morning, we travelled about 2 hours to get to our zip-lining destination. It was absolutely incredible. It was raining the entire time, but none of us minded. It added a bit to the authenticity of zip-lining in the cloud forest. There were 18 different lines of all different lengths. The final one was the longest and we descended on our stomachs – “Superman” style, over a large valley and literally, through the clouds. (See below). A highlight was definitely the Tarzan Swing… some of us got some major height!

The whole crew!
This was where we started our Superman descend… you can’t see the end.




When in Costa Rica: Tarzan through the cloud forest ✔️ #MUDPT15CR (Video props to @laforie 👍)

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Baldi Hot Springs

After zip-lining, we gathered back on the buses and took an hour drive up the mountains to Baldi Hot Springs! Oh my goodness, guys… this place was absolutely incredible. Again, it was raining off and on the whole time but again, none of cared whatsoever. We were in volcanic hot springs, in Costa Rica, drinking alcoholic beverages with our best friends. What could be better?!?! After we had lunch, we hurriedly got into our suits and in to the waters. There were 25 different mineral pools with temperatures ranging widely from the 80s to the 150s. We got about 5 hours to ourselves in this place then finished the evening with dinner at the same place where we had lunch. It was the most incredible day and we got to truly experience two things that are Costa Rican in nature – zip lining and volcanic hot springs!

The 360 view from lunch looked like this.

Multiple pools had walk-up bars that we took full advantage of
This pic is for the background – there are three additional pools, all a different temperature up in the back there. We were next to the bar here, shocker.
The crew!

11070068_10155267280620464_1726456844592131305_n 13519_10155267281695464_4234458523568057333_n

Again hanging out at the bar 🙂

Manuel Antonio Beach

On the final day of the trip, we took off on the 3 hour trip to Manuel Antonio Beach! We had a few pit stops along the way… One to see the crocs in their natural habitat…

IMG_5615 IMG_5617

And before we knew it, we were handed our ticket to get in to the National park!



We drank some coconut water…


And fully embraced the clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean!

IMG_5630 IMG_5642 IMG_5650

We encountered a TON of monkeys. And no joke, they steal EVERYTHING. The picture below is hilarious… Four monkeys eating a bag of “Munchies” after a husband got his family’s entire bag of snacks grabbed away from him. (I overheard the wife yelling at him and asking how it had happened…) The raccoons also were nasty little things and would walk right up and steal your entire bag if you weren’t watching.

IMG_5665 IMG_5657


The beach day ended with drinks and tequila shots at a local bar outside the park 

IMG_5636 IMG_5670

Other Fun:

We found out that D.C. United would be playing down the street against the local Alajuela team and we had to go. They were playing each other in the CONCACAF Champions League.

IMG_5343 IMG_5345 IMG_5380 IMG_5373


And there ya have it! All of the fun with a ton of pictures (and that’s not even a quarter of all the ones I have). I think I only have two more posts to recap my trip: one about vacation, and one summing up how the mission trip went from a personal stand point, rather than just telling you what we did.


3 thoughts on “CR Part 4: The Fun!

  1. Everything about this looks incredible! I could totally go for one of those hot springs right now (it’s freezing out!), and I love how the monkeys stole that family’s snacks! Haha!

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