CR Part 5: The Vacation!

If you’ve missed my other recaps of my 3 week mission trip to Costa Rica, check out what I ate there, the mission work I did, and the adventure trips!

On the final Saturday of our mission work, we all woke up, ate breakfast with the Sisters, and packed up our bags. Before we knew it we were saying goodbye to our classmates who were heading home, then boarding our own bus and heading back to Manuel Antonio for our 5 day vacation!


Twelve of us stayed in our house and piled on the bus, plus our professor who was headed to Nicaragua on Monday and needed a place to stay for a night. It was an easy 2.5 hour drive, which we all mainly slept and enjoyed the views – it was a long and exhausting 2 weeks of work and we were thrilled for a bit of a break. Some views from our drive…

IMG_5701 IMG_5705 IMG_5719

And we before we knew it, we were pulling up to our home for the next few days.. Villas Oasis!

So that fence and stuff is the reflection of the opposite side… I had to look at this picture for awhile to decipher how the fence was right there.
A mural on the back of our garage
Our outdoor hang out area: grill, hammocks, picnic table
Our pool area
IMG_5742 Our view from the top of the lookout


Our look out

Needless to say, we were all pumped about how incredible our place was! We took no time at all to claim our rooms, head to the store for some beers, and go relax poolside! It was the birthday of the professor who was staying with us on that Saturday, so we decided to throw a little party to celebrate! The other group of our class that was staying down the street came over to help us celebrate and drink the tons of sangria that we made. It ended up being a great night of laughs, reflection, crying, and memories.



Sunday was pretty chill. We were all hung over from Saturday so we opted to just hang out by the pool all day and then venture out for a gorgeous happy hour with a view of the sunset!

IMG_5777 IMG_5772 IMG_5780

I’m pretty sure I was asleep by 9 or 10 on Sunday night, along with a few others. I read in bed for a bit then passed out…



Monday was our beach day! We took a (long) walk to Playa Biesanz, over a ton of hills and through the woods to finally hit our destination:

IMG_5796 IMG_5797 IMG_5798 IMG_5800 IMG_5811


And then a wedding happened….



And then some selfies and some touristy pics…

IMG_5828 IMG_5820


We ate tacos and drank beer…



We hung out with stray dogs…

IMG_5853 IMG_5866


We went white water rafting!







Then I came home…

IMG_5902 IMG_5906


And cuddled with B….



So there’s that!


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