Wednesday Freak Out.

Here we are. One week before my comprehensive final for all of physical therapy school.

Next Tuesday at 8am I will sit down and take a four hour, 200+ question exam on everything that I have learned the past three years. I’ve been scarce around the blog world lately because of my preparation for this test. I’m not too sorry; this is my life, my future, and my career, and it’s my priority. My best friend is moving to New Jersey on Sunday and I haven’t seen her for weeks except for a brief gym session with her. I see my parents for about an hour a day, and I live with them; because I’m either studying, coaching or sleeping. I miss my nephews, I’m pretty sure B has gained about 10 pounds since I saw him last (I might be exaggerating, but he’s a chunk.) I’m sick and tired of studying and my brain hurts.


Since I’ve been back from Costa Rica:

  • I’ve been pulling 8-10 hour study days.
  • I’ve been trying to sleep whenever I can.
  • I’ve been attempting (and failing) to fit in exercise.
  • I’ve been a big ball of stress, trying to fight off panic attacks – the caffeine addiction isn’t helping.

On top of studying for comps, we have our case report that we have to be writing as well. This is our final research project for our program. I have been struggling with mine because it’s not your typical intervention type case report and my patient was very complex. But I’m getting through it, one day at a time. Of course, our full draft is due on Friday. A few days before comps. NBD.

After comps on Tuesday, my time will be spent prepping for comprehensive practicals which are the following Monday-Wednesday. Our practical basically involves being given a patient case and we evaluate them, treat them, educate in a home exercise program, and document everything that we did. This shouldn’t be an issue, right? Well, some of us have had different clinical experiences in different settings – so we are more nervous about pulling a certain type of patient that others. For me, I feel very comfortable with a hospitalized patient, pretty good about a neurological patient, and terrible about an orthopedic patient. So, after the written, I will be prepping for that.

Yay for Easter weekend…. to be spent studying!


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