Friends! I did it!


Yesterday, I completed my final comprehensive practical. My last practical ever in PT school. Last week, I successfully passed my comprehensive 200 question written exam. My last written exam of PT school.

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be finished. I felt like an elephant stepped off of my chest yesterday when I walked out of that practical knowing that I passed. It’s hard to explain how I was feeling the past 2 weeks. I felt inhuman. I felt like I was a puppet going through the motions of what my professors wanted from me. I knew I was competent in anything they would present me with, but it was nerve racking knowing that I could fail for not doing something that they wanted. I saw it happen to many of my classmates, as I was one of the last people to go. (Let’s not talk about that, the waiting game is the absolute WORST.) The two days leading up to my practical, I felt physically ill. I was nauseous, I was light-headed, I felt like I was having an out of body experience. I went for my physical on Monday morning (because obviously we have a deadline of DURING FINALS to get our physicals done), and my heart rate was 98. NINETY EIGHT PEOPLE! That’s almost tachycardic. I’m a healthy person and my normal heart rate is generally in the 60’s, resting heart rate can get down to the 50’s. It just was not healthy how much stress my classmates and I were feeling. It’s incredible the world of difference waking up yesterday versus waking up today was. (Minus the slight headache this morning from the celebratory beers last night.)

As for the rest of time before graduation, here is what lies ahead: my research presentations to the university based on my case report, submitting my final case report paper (currently 17 pages), little assignments in this silly class we have right now, my grad party, and a lot of fun with my classmates in this last month we all have together – I don’t know wanna talk about how they’re all leaving…

So, since I’ve been MIA the past few weeks, here are some pics and my life through my iPhone while I’ve been studying my life away and dealing with my anxiety and trying to have a little fun..

I went to Baltimore to see all of my lady friends from the Bury…





I celebrated Easter with these nuggets…



I celebrated after our written comps, a little too hard that night..



I hung out with my three favorite boys…




I walked around the Tidal Basin on a study break on Monday and checked out the Cherry Blossoms…

IMG_6171 IMG_6172 IMG_6174


While there, my friends decided we wanted to start a hashtag: Strangers taking selfies…


There were so many selfie sticks, it was horrifying. Yes, we took some selfies too, but it’s just hilarious how much selfies have taken over the world, hahaha. The one above was my favorite.


DC is really pretty sometimes 🙂

And that’s all I’ve got for ya. Today I finally get to go to lacrosse practice, because I haven’t been in weeks. And I get to go to the gym, cause I haven’t been in a few days. And I get to spend a lot of time in my bed – aka it’s 10:30, I’ve been up since 8 and haven’t moved. Happy Hump Day peeps!


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