Sunny Weekend

I don’t how the weather is where you are, but oh my goodness this weekend was perfection! It’s crazy how much my mood changes when the weather is so nice! (And I don’t have a million things to stress about that are school related…)


Thursday was spent at my first National’s game of the season! It was the perfect day for a day drinking and spending time with some of my best friends!



I love this group so much. This next month is going to be a lot of spending time with these people, since a lot of my class is leaving after graduation and moving home. 😦



Our seats were awesome, the beer was great (but expensive), and the company was even better. After the game we headed back to the bullpen to drink more beers and play corn hole. We ended the night at a bar in Arlington and I crashed on a classmate’s couch, per usual after a night of drinking with classmates. It was a great night!


I woke up at the crack of dawn thanks to my friends living on the 19th floor and the blinds being wide open – hello sunshine in my face. So I just hung out until they all woke up and we walked to get breakfast. We ended up just hanging out and watching Friends on Netflix for a few hours, until I realized I had to be at practice in about an hour. Whoops, my priorities are definitely on point. So my classmates took me to my car and off I went to lacrosse practice! The rest of Friday was pretty laid back and I just hung out around the house. I did make a pitstop at Old Navy with this little dude and we found him a fedora to match his big brothers!



Saturday’s weather was amazing! I was up at 6:30am and out the door by 7 to get to school and prepare for our first annual 5k promoting our trip to Costa Rica. It turned out to be such an incredible race and everything went great! Except for the course… hahaha. HOLY HILLS. I mean, they warned us it was hilly – but I wasn’t expecting this many hills. To put it in to perspective… My first mile was in 8:44, a little speedier than my normal but was half down hill, half flat. My second mile was in 10:20. Closer to my normal pace, but slower and holy hills. My third mile – LOL; was in 11:50. The final half mile was strictly up hill on a trail that took us back to campus. I was dying at this point anyways and the hills did not help. My final time was 31 minutes and some change. Not my worst 5k, but definitely could have done better without those hills, haha.

Pre-Race smiles…
Post-Race beer and less smiles.

But, it was all for a great cause, so I can’t complain too much. All money raised will go to benefit the people we just left in Costa Rica. That makes all of those hills worth it to me.



We had a stand set up for donations and for people to come up and ask us (the third years) more questions about what exactly we do down there. Many people assumed the money was to get us down there, but it’s not. We pay our own way and the other half is included in our tuition. The money raised goes directly to medical supplies and things that we bring down to care of the people we work with. They all loved that and were more than generous with donations. We printed out poster size pictures of our own pictures from the trip. Below is one of my favorites from the trip of me with the children in the Precarios.



After the race, I headed back home to shower quick and then head to our lacrosse game! It wasn’t the outcome we wanted, but it was a gorgeous day to be outside.

A lot of my friends went out for a classmates birthday Saturday night, but I just was not feeling it. I have been drinking so much lately and just needed some me-time and some time to just detox and relax. I was in bed by 9 and woke up Sunday feeling refreshed!


Sunday was a lazy day. I didn’t leave my bed until about noon except to get breakfast. I typed up this post, watched soccer, drank my coffee, and thought about going to the gym a lot before opting to not go. I was still pretty sore from yesterday and I think I would benefit (and my calves would benefit) from a day of stretching. I went to the library and picked up three new books to read…



I am starting with Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little and so far, so good. I read an article that gave suggestions for books similar to Gone Girl and this was on it – it hooked me from the first page and I’m loving the suspense already! I’ll let you all know how the others go!

Then Sunday evening spent at my brother’s new place enjoying some beers and grilled burgers and brats! B enjoyed the beers too…





My brother’s place with his fiancé is about 15 minutes away and super cute! It’s the perfect size for the two of them and their pup. They moved there while I was in Costa Rica so this was my first chance being able to go check it out.

And that’s all I’ve got for ya! This week is pretty slow. I really don’t have a lot left to do with school except for Wednesday’s research project presentations to the University during Research Day! Happy Monday people!


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