Another Check Off A Bucket List

As the time grows closer to graduation, I realize how soon some of my best friends will be leaving DC and moving back to their home city. This makes me sad. And I don’t like talking about it. I honestly can’t even explain the friendships and the bonds that I have created with these people. I’m mad that it took me over a year to get so close to them – because they are some the best humans I know and I wouldn’t have made it through this program without them…

IMG_6233 IMG_6358

Okay, okay, sorry. This wasn’t meant to be sappy! The point is.. we are trying to make the most of the rest of our time together here and a few girls who are moving have a bucket list that they made! I’m happy to join in on the bucket list activities, even though most I have done before since I’ve lived here my whole life. Last week we explored the Cherry Blossoms, and this week we headed to Great Falls, VA.



I’m sure I’ve been to the VA side before, but the Maryland side is (obviously) my choice and in my personal opinion has some better trails – aka the Billy Goat Trail. But it still was such a perfect day with some great people! The rapid were crazy strong thanks to some storms that rolled through the night before and it was mesmerizing just sitting there staring at the water.





The weather was a little chilly at first, but once the sun came up a bit more and we started hiking, the temperature was just about perfect!





We stopped at most of the lookouts and took the River Trail until we reached a good point to turn around.




I think we ended up hiking around 4 miles with some pretty crucial hills near the end so it was a great workout!



I’m glad I got to enjoy such a beautiful day helping some friends check things off their bucket list! Most of my classmates had never been to the National Park so it was great to see them enjoy it for the first time! It’s definitely something that I take advantage of being so close to where I live. There are such great trails for hiking all throughout the Park both on the Maryland and Virginia side.

I think next on their list is taking a bike ride to National Harbor and to the Ferris Wheel. I think that’s about a 12 mile bike ride so it should be a great work out and another great day!

This post took longer than usual to type up, as I’m tending to a very sick almost-4-year-old as he is miserable and throwing up. I’ve never wanted to take someone’s pain away more than right now. The poor kid hasn’t eaten since Sunday and keeps asking for milk and orange juice, but I can’t give him anything :-(. His responses are the best when I ask him how he’s feeling: “Not the best.” “It’s just, my tummy hurts a little.” My mom gets home around 11:30 which is when I will start to get ready for my Research Presentation tonight! Happy Wednesday, peeps.. Stay healthy!


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