Friday Favorites!

Hey look! You’ve almost made it to the weekend! Go you! For me, I’m basically living in a long-extended weekend with a few responsibilities thrown in there for good measure, until graduation. I don’t hate it, people. Becoming a doctor is hard work ;-).

Enough of the small talk, I don’t like introductions. Let’s chat about some of my favorite things lately! Today I’m linking up with Katie – go check out some other blogger’s favorites!

  • New workout gear! So my sister randomly decided to purchase this tank for me when she spotted it on Zulily and said – “Oh my goodness, Sam needs this.”



I needed it (debatable), and boy do I love it! It’s not cotton but it’s a lighter blend of material that feels awesome to work out in. I want more. Like this one and this one.

  • Nike Training Club app! My sweat in the above picture was well-earned using the NTC app that I have fallen in love with. I did a 30  minute workout called Body Remix, and I loved it! It had me using weights, using a medicine ball and jumping around all over the place.



I’m not sure how accurate all of those calorie counts are and such, but it probably varies depending on how hard you push yourself. I had done a 10 minute elliptical warm-up, then jumped right in to this workout and I love how it kept things moving and never got boring. Functional workouts are my favorite, by far. I cooled down afterwards with a stretch and an 8-minute walk on the treadmill. (I had to get to lacrosse practice.) If I learned one thing from this work out: I still suck at push-ups.

  • Spotting one of my best friends on TV! Hana lives up in New York City and gets to do some really awesome things sometimes… this was one of them. Her friend had tickets to the talk show “The Chew” and she was seated at the tasting table – how cool?! She got so much airtime since she was right behind Clinton. Hey Hana!


  • Wednesday night was my Research Day at school – where we presented our final case reports to faculty from all over the University, other graduate students, and anyone else who wanted to come by and check them out. It went great!



We stood by our posters and waited for people to come up and chat with us. I had the Dean of Students come up to ask questions about mine, as well as the Vice President of Student Affairs. As it turns out, the latter individual also happens to be the head of the Psych department at my University. She really enjoyed my case report and was fascinated by the outcomes. She ended up giving me her card and sincerely believes that my case report could be published in a Psychological Health journal!! I  wasn’t expecting this, but was incredibly proud to hear her say that. I immediately went to find my professor who has helped me along the way and she was all about it… “Let’s do it!” were her exact words. So, looks like I might be attempting to publish my case report in an actual journal that actual people in the medical field will read for actual learning. WHOA.

I thought I had more things to share with you, but my life has consisted of a lot of sleeping in, hitting the gym hard, going to lacrosse practice, and sleeping. I’m enjoying it now, but I’m also anxious to get back in to a routine once clinic starts up after graduation. Things are going be quite hectic over the next few weeks, try and keep up!


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