Thinking Out Loud

I’ve had lots of exciting things going on lately, and not a lot of time to post – so let’s make this Thinking Out Loud post in to a “Catching you up on my entire life” post, since it’s going to be random and all over the place! Be sure to head over to check out what other bloggers are thinking about today…


1. Last week, a few classmates and I headed out in the cold and rain to support one of our classmates at his game. He plays professional ultimate frisbee (I know, that sounds weird, but its pretty awesome) for the DC Current. It also works out because one of my best friends from home plays on the team as well, win-win situation and I get to cheer on two friends!

Friends, 3rd and 5th from the right


2. This past Saturday was my graduation party! It turned out to be such a perfect day. While not all of my friends were able to make it, I was so happy to celebrate with those that could come!

IMG_6338 IMG_6333 IMG_6347 IMG_6362 IMG_6370

3. The morning after our party, 5 of us packed up a car and hit the road for the Shenandoah! Eleven of us headed up to the mountains for a get-away camping trip that I was on the fence about going, but I am so glad I did! It just had seemed we were squeezing the trip in to a very packed time period and that gives me anxiety – but I just rolled with it and it turned out to be an awesome trip!

IMG_6420 IMG_6425 IMG_6439 IMG_6479

We did a four mile hike to a 360-view of the National Park that was brutal on my knees, but such a good workout and the view was completely worth the hills and rocks. The next morning me and two classmates went for a quick easy run on the Appalachian Trail.

IMG_6470 IMG_6471

We were cruising during the first half of the run, then the way back was straight up hill. I’m not even kidding, it was rough. I was the leader and felt bad but I had to stop to walk a few times because my calves and quads were on fire. Despite my slowing down the group, itwas still a great workout. (I seriously need to get back in to shape, for real.)

4. I’m currently reading “It Starts With Food” By Dallas and Melissa Hartwig – the creators of the Whole30. I am loving this book and the things that I’m learning by reading it. I plan on doing a full post soon about what exactly Whole30 is and why I’m challenging myself to do it. I’m excited (and nervous) to get started soon!

4b. P.S. Did you know that Dallas Hartwig is a Physical Therapist!?! Well I think that’s pretty awesome.

5. The next two days, we have a class to help us prepare for the board exam. Hopefully they give us some good tips and I can finally decide if I want to take it in July or October – still on the fence for multiple reasons.

6. Following our class on Friday, our professors are throwing us a kegger at my professor’s house. Yep, a kegger. Grad school is fun sometimes. Aka when it’s over. And my professor has a pool in her backyard, and its currently in the 80’s around here. Can’t wait!

7. However, this bod is not bikini ready, unfortunately. I’m not feeling super comfortable in my body right now, which is another reason I’m excited to start Whole30.

8. I did another NTC work out yesterday at the gym – I was DRENCHED in sweat. It was awesome. I think I probably did 60 burpees during it, that part sucked… no one likes burpees… No one.


9. Last night we had our first playoff game against a good team. Last night our playoff game got postponed due to a storm (that blew over in 30 minutes and shouldn’t have been cancelled), and so now we play today at 4:30. And I have class until 4:30. Maybe I can sneak out a bit early???? I’ve loved helping coach this team again this year.. I feel like I know the girls better and I’m sad to see the seniors go. Unfortunately, this is probably my last time helping out, because what clinic is going to let me get off of work by 2:30 to get to practice? Not many. But it’s been so worth it and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to help out for the second year in a row.

10. One last thing…



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