Whole 30: Week 2

Week two faired out much better than week one… the key to that, you ask? SERIOUS MEAL PREPPING! Luckily, I had a 3 day weekend with Memorial Day so I took full advantage of that extra time to veg out and to prep. Not only meals, but also cutting up veggies and fruit for snacks, hard boiling eggs, etc. So here we go! I’m adding another section on to each day: my workouts! They slacked a bit in the first week because of the stress and body confusion, but I’ve been feeling a bit better and am hoping to get on a more regular schedule.

IMG_6636 IMG_6637

Day 8

B: 1.5 fried eggs, steak and potatoes. Strawberries. On point 🙂



Post-Workout Snack: Monkey Salad (1 banana, a scoop of TJ’s almond butter and some coconut flakes)



L: Grapes; Steak, green beans, potatoes and some guac for dipping.

D: Deconstructed fajitas: Leftover steak chopped thin, peppers, onions, zucchini, and sweet potatoes cooked in EVOO, sea salt and cumin. Guac to mix it all together for me, while my mom had tortillas and cheese.

S: I cut up a watermelon for the week and stole a few pieces 🙂

Workout: I was really tired when I woke up and my body felt exhausted, but after breakfast I forced myself to the gym. I ended up doing 40 minutes of cardio on various machines. It was more than what I was expecting given my exhaustion so I was happy.

Day 9

B: 2 eggs with sweet potato hash browns; strawberries and grapes

L: Stuffed pepper, grapes.

D: (I don’t know why this was blank when I came to update on day 13… and I have no idea what I ate… Sorry. It was Whole 30 approved though, I promise.)

S: Cashews and coconut flakes.

W: 15 minute ArcTrainer warm up –> Nike Training Club work out – holy hamstrings dead.

Day 10

B: 2 eggs, sweet potato hash browns. 1/2 grapefruit and a kiwi.

L: Didn’t eat lunch until 3pm – no lunch break on Wednesdays. Stuffed pepper with guacamole.

D: Wasn’t too hungry since I had lunch late, had some leftover steak and veggies from deconstructed fajita night.

S: Cashews and grapes on the run during work.

W: Rest day: hamstrings still feeling those dead lifts and my mom threw her back out so I had to help her.

Day 11

B: 2 eggs, sweet potato hash, a few strawberries.

L: Stuffed pepper with extra red peppers on the side. (I really like bell peppers.)

D: Burger with zoodles, avocado, tomato and romaine. Topped with some Tessamae’s Balsalmic. So good.


S: Lara Bar (Coconut Cream Pie) on the way home before a run.

W: Struggled through 1.5 miles in the muggy, grossness that was this day. I’m not sure what it is, but my body is not reacting to workouts like it used to. I struggle some days to get a workout in due to pure exhaustion and fatigue.

Day 12

B:  2 HB eggs, sweet potato hash and steak.

L: Stuffed pepper, grapes and watermelon.

D: Zoodles, tomato sauce (I found this amazing Whole30 approved one at Wegman’s with CHUNKS of all of kinds of veggies in it), and a burger chopped up on top.

S: Apple Pie LaraBar

W: I was too tired after work, and then I went to the pool with my sister. Rest day.

Day 13


B: Pre-gym: scoop of almond butter. Post-gym:2 HB eggs, steak, spinach and 1/2 a yellow pepper. Random, but yum.

L: Another random, but delicious: (And totally doesn’t photograph well.)



Bell pepper halves with Wholly Guacamole topped with ground beef cooked in coconut oil. This was my version of “nachos” and they were SO GOOD. On the side I finished off some green beans and had some melon.

D: Small Salad: kale/spinach/leafy greens mix, avocado, cherry tomatoes, steak, cucumber.

S: All. The. Melon. (Cantaloupe and Honey dew)

W: 2 mile run at the gym. Postural/back exercises.

Day 14

B: 2.5 eggs with zoodles, avocado and grape tomatoes.

L: Monkey salad (because I’m addicted.) A salad with cucumbers, carrots, avocado and a hardboiled egg. And I finished off my sweet potato hash.

D: Cauliflower rice, cilantro lime chicken, and avocado. And one brussel sprout because I wanted to make sure I still didn’t like them. I don’t.

S: Applesauce.

W: Upper body lifting session at the gym, pre-breakfast. With 10 mins of cardio.

Things I learned this week:

  • I’m randomly allergic to melon. My lips were swollen all week and I couldn’t figure out why. It was the watermelon. I cut up a honeydew and cantaloupe on Friday. My mouth was all tingly after I ate it. What the heck?! Side note: I still ate it all. Yep. All of the dew and loupe. In 2 days, mind you. Whoops.
  • I don’t get sick of certain foods when I eat them over and over again. As you can tell, I ate almost the same things every day and I didn’t really mind. Everything was delicious.
  • I’m annoyed that I’m not feeling the things that “The Timeline” says I’m supposed to be feeling. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I haven’t cheated once, I feel as if I’m eating enough, despite maybe a tad too much fruit. But I don’t know. I’m frustrated by that, though.
  • I’m frustrated with my workouts. I feel as if my body doesn’t know what to do without carbs still. I get very tired, very quick, doing workouts that I used to be okay with BW30 (Before Whole30). Also I feel as if I’m more sore following workouts. I’m talking DOMS to the MAX. I’m still feeling my hamstrings from the deadlifts on Day 9.
  •  I need to add more veggies to my plate. And not just peppers. I love me some peppers. But I need to vary it up.
  • I’m basically half-way there! And this isn’t so bad after all…
    • But I miss cupcakes and bagels and pasta and chocolate and cereal and rice.
  • I didn’t get a chance to meal prep much today (Sunday)… Oops.

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