Whole 30: Week 3

Week three complete. Only one more week plus a few days to go.



B: 2 eggs with zoodles and Nature’s Promise Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage; 1/2 grapefruit. Yes, I eat breakfast in bed.

L: Cauliflower rice, chicken and avocado. A few cucumbers to avoid the free lunch in front of me…


D: Turkey wings and salad with lots of veggies and Tessamae’s Lemon Garlic dressing.

S: At 5pm when I was supposed to be going home but had to do paperwork: almonds.

W: No work out today. My 8 hour work day turned in to an 11 hour work day and there were lightning storms rolling through. Impromptu rest day.

Day 16.

B: Quarter of a banana before the gym. Finished the rest while I cooked breakfast after.  

Zoodles and chicken sausage cooked in coconut oil. Two hard boiled eggs and two peppers

L: Some random homemade chili (ground beef + organic diced canned tomatoes + spices + ALL THE VEGGIES), on top of zoodles. Pretty good, kind of bland. With guac on top.

D: Salad with steak and sweet potatoes. And a quarter of a pineapple. And a scoop of almond butter. (I was feeling emotional and when I’m stressed and emotional, I eat.)

S: Apple Pie Lara Bar. I was more hungry today, like all day. Maybe because of a solid workout to start the day?

W: 2.5 miles on the treadmill with a few sprints thrown in there. Planks and abs. Much needed stretching.

Day 17.

B: 2 eggs…. and here it is day 17 evening and I can’t remember what else I ate… I’m losing it.

L: Zoodles with my chili (that needs some major work, the veggies made it watery and kind of tasteless 😦 ) With some guac which makes everything taste better.

D: Wild-caught salmon, zoodles (can you tell I’m on a zoodles kick right now?!) and red/sweet potatoes roasted.

S: Banana around lunch time. Wednesdays I don’t eat lunch until 2 generally so around 11-12, my stomach starts rumbling. Which I would expect since I eat breakfast at 6.

W: 2.75 mile run on National Running Day!

Day 18.

B: 2 eggs with zoodles. Sweet potatoes.

L: Zoodles with salmon. Mini bell peppers with guac.

D: SO GOOD. Baked chicken with EVOO, salt, paprika, garlic, red potatoes and onions.


S: Cashews and hazelnuts between patients. Lara Bar on the drive home because I was going to work out…

W: Then I sat in traffic and “missed” the exit to the gym and it was cold and raining. So I did squats/lunges/abs while studying. It will do.

Day 19.

B: 1.5 eggs, sausage and zoodles. (I have a lot that I need to eat, sorry not sorry.)

L: My chili I threw together a few days ago with guac. Mini bell peppers.

D: Mini bell peppers sliced in half and filled with guac and leftover chicken. With potatoes and zoodles on the side.

S: Cashews and hazelnuts around 10am. Banana with a little almond butter after the gym as an appetizer.

W: Quick 45 minutes gym session. A little cardio, a little lifting. Nothing too exciting but I sweat and got my HR up, so that’s a win in my book.

Day 20. Enter Bridal Shower temptations. I passed 🙂 Holy willpower.

B: Monkey salad around 7am. I knew I wanted to eat a large brunch before heading to the shower to hopefully hold me over some. So around 1030 before I left I had potatoes, sausage and eggs.

L: I brought along some chicken and onion and potatoes, and some guac to dip the veggies in that I brought to the shower. So I ate that while I resisted the pasta salad, buffalo chicken dip, taco dip, deli subs and sangria. And this cake…


Marble cake on the bottom, red velvet with cream cheese frosting on top. And I said, no thank you. Ughhhhhh. Full bridal shower post this week!

D: I had eaten so much fruit that I was so full. I ate a few hardboiled eggs I had brought along while I hung out with the girls. Other than that I didn’t really eat much dinner.

S: So. To resist all of the sweets and yummy things, I ended up binging on the fruit bowl. Which I know was way more fruit than I was supposed to have for the day (we’re talking like 8 cups full)… But. It was better than reaching for the snicker doodle white chocolate blondies, am I right?!

W: Wedding shower festivities all day = no work out.

Day 21.

B: Pre-workout: one scoop of almond butter. Post workout: banana. After shower: 2 eggs, half a sweet potato and a scoop of almond butter.


L: I went to study with classmates, so lunch was scattered. I had the other half of my sweet potato before I left. Then ate a ton of leftover veggies while studying.

D: Spaghetti squash with left over chili heated up and veggies added in.

S: Cherries after studying and before dinner.

W: 2.5 mile run in the early morning humidity. I’m sick of my body not responding to workouts. I can’t run more than 3 miles without my legs feeling like absolute lead.

Things Learned This Week:

  • My body needs bagels to run.
  • I’m curious about if my tastebuds have changed at all. I’ve heard that when you take out the sugars and stuff, that sometimes things don’t taste the same when you go back to them. We shall find out soon.
  • I talked to some people, and I think that I’m not feeling all of the things The Timeline says I should be feeling, because maybe I didn’t eat crazy unhealthy before? I don’t know. I’m tired all the time. I’m also stressed a ton with board sneaking up and working 45+ hours a week for free. So that may have something to do with the exhaustion.
  • I can’t wait to drink a latte from Starbucks. I’m not feeling the black coffee – Costa Rican or not.
  • I miss being able to workout without my body rejecting me. Without my legs feeling so heavy after 2.5 miles. Without sucking wind after going up a hill and my quads being on fire.
  • Only one more week and a few days. I’m sticking to it. But I’m excited to get back to my normal workouts and normal social life.

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