Sarah’s Bridal Shower!

This past weekend we celebrated the bride-to-be of the wedding I am in at the end of August! It was such a perfect day so let’s get right to it!

I arrived at the MOH’s house about an hour early to help set up and assist with any last minute touches. As soon as I walked in the door, Lacey put me work making the signs that were going up on the front door and next to the cake!

10420403_10205648739150125_5347469456675358393_n 11391507_10205648740550160_3102898635144483713_n


As you can see, the shower was all Nautical-themed, to go along with the wedding which is also Nautical themed. Lacey put so much hard work in to planning this day and I was amazed at all the special little details she put in to it! Next to this was a “Message in a Bottle” vase that we could write little notes to the Bride-to-be, which was a special little touch.

I realized I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought I did, but here a few others:

Fish netting with pictures of Sarah and her groom-to-be and her bridesmaids. This was cute to look over because they have been together for 6 years, with a lot of that being in college with 4 of us bridesmaids. It brought back lots of memories!



Don’t let the lack of presents in the picture fool you. About 40 people came to the shower and this area was STACKED with amazing and thoughtful gifts from family and friends. I sat in the corner writing all of the gifts down, so I know it was a lot.




Brenna was in charge of the bow-bouquet and she did an amazing job! Sarah will use this “bouquet” for the rehearsal.




Here’s Brenna! She was in my class at Salisbury (aka we entered school at the same time) and played soccer, as well. It was so good to see her, since she lives in New Kersey and we don’t get to see each other too often.




The food spread was plenty and it took a lot of willpower to not eat it all. I’m doing the Whole 30 (Day 23 WOO!) and so I brought my own food along with me so that I wasn’t tempted to eat the delicious dips, sandwiches, sweets and sangria. I really wasn’t feeling too pressured, but the sweets are always hard to say no to (especially when red velvet cake is involved.) It worked out well though and bringing my own food caused no problems. I, of course, didn’t take a picture of the spread, but we had tons of yummy apps to go with the deli platters we ordered and the food took over the 10 foot bar. There were also plenty of beer options, wines, summer sangria, vodka lemonade, and water for the losers like me who couldn’t drink.

One thing I wish I snapped a picture of was the game that we played! Lacey asked the groom a bunch of questions and filmed his responses. Sarah then had to guess what his answer would be for the questions! It was hilarious when Sarah would get embarrassed, especially since the groom’s mother was there as well as her parents. Some of the questions were simple like “What’s Sarah’s favorite food? – Ice cream”, “Where is your favorite place to go together? -Ocean City, MD”, but ranged to questions such as “What’s your favorite part of Sarah? – He mouths ‘Her butt’ after he says, ‘My mom is gonna be there!’ (hilarious), and “What are you most excited about about married life with Sarah? – Waking up next to her everyday and starting our future”. Our goal was to guess how many Sarah would get correct and the one closest won a prize! (She matched his answer 13 out of 20 times!)

Here’s the group of bridesmaids! I played soccer with the 3 on the left at Salisbury, and of course Sarah in the middle. The MOH is to the right of the bride, who I’ve met numerous times and love her! And the girl next to me on the right is one of Sarah’s best friends from childhood who is so much fun! We are missing the groom’s sister, who was unable to attend.



The bachelorette festivities are in just a few short weeks and I can already tell it’s going to be a crazy weekend! (This makes me slightly stressed because I’m losing an entire weekend of studying, but I’ll just have to get more serious about studying after work). Sarah got us these super cute shirts for Bach weekend:



I love them! If you know me at all, you know I’m obsessed with anchors so this is right up my alley! The MOH says “Mate of Honor”. How cute is that?!

Once everyone left, we headed down to Lacey’s pier to check out her back yard…

IMG_6735 IMG_6736


Beautiful! Once we were cleaned up, Lacey had some packing to do – she was off to Canada for the Women’s World Cup in the morning and had been so busy with the shower she hadn’t even started packing yet! So me and the other Bury girls headed over to Sarah’s parent’s house to play some corn hole, watch the Triple Crown winner, and just spend some time catching up around the patio.



I headed home shortly after, while the rest of the group stayed the night. Overall it was such a perfect day celebrating the bride-to-be! Sarah is going to make such a beautiful bride and I am so blessed to be apart of her special day!


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