Life Lately: Thinking Out Loud

I’m aware that I’ve been MIA lately. I honestly wake up, go to my clinical, go to the gym/run, and study until I go to bed. My life is pretty boring and nothing fun has been happening really so I haven’t had much to chat about. But let’s just catch you up on clinic and life and the future with another edition of Thinking Out Loud!


1. Clinic is still going well. I had a meeting with one of my CIs the other day and she had a lot of good feedback for me, as well as some praise. While I know I don’t feel 100% confident yet, given the vast difference of diagnoses that I’m working with, my CI was certain that she feels I’m doing well and have great ideas for treatments. There are just little things I need to improve on: the flow of a session if things go really well or really bad with my Plan A, my flow of question asking during an evaluation, and my interpretation of how patients are performing at tasks and how I can tell them to improve. My mind is constantly working during clinic, but sometimes I just keep it to myself. I just need to be able to verbalize things to my patients and to my CI’s in order to optimally help them improve.

2. The Women’s World Cup started! And you know I was decked out in my Red White and Blue on Monday for the game versus Australia.



Yes, I did wear that to clinic all day. And no, not a lot of people knew why I was decked out in my “Fourth of July” outfit. Come on people, you all were so hyped for the Men’s World Cup last year… at least the Women have a very good chance of winning! USA! USA! #SheBelieves

3. If you’ve been keeping up with my Whole 30, you’ll know that my workouts have been slacking some. I don’t have the energy that everyone tells me I should have at this point in the game and my body doesn’t respond to workouts the same way. It’s like I need bagels.. (hahaha).

4. Forgot to mention this tidbit related to my clinical: I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from patients, as well as my CI’s. Either the patient telling my CI without me around, or patient’s telling me face to face. One – erhm, unusual compliment – came in the form of a “Hi, I want you to meet my son, do you think I could give him your name and info?” It was extremely unexpected and apparently my CI said he asked her first if I was dating anyone and if that would be okay to ask me. I said “Why the hell not?!” I’m single. I’m not looking. He’s my age and in the area. Whatever happens, happens! Ha! I’ve been told that I have a “strong sense of self”, I protrude confidence, and that I overall address the patient very well. 🙂

5. I’m getting super stressed about the fact that I need to start applying to jobs while working full time for free and studying for boards the rest of the time. It’s giving me anxiety, that I thought had started to fade.

6. Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie packets have been my best friend lately. I add them to any meal that is a just a tad bland because I can’t use a lot of my spices in my cabinet, and BAM – delicious.

7. I wish I had more exciting things to talk about….

8. I am taking my board exam on July 21st. Just a few short weeks away and I’m freaking out. I hate that I keep having to say no to weekend plans. But with the bachelorette party in a few weeks I have to pick and choose the weekend of fun and unfortunately I have a feeling 4th of July weekend will be much less fun than last year. 😦 I know that it will all pay off though when I see a big old PASS on the screen two weeks after I take the test.

And that’s all I have. I’m so boring. And I didn’t even have any pictures for you. So here’s B-man at the pool just loving life.



One thought on “Life Lately: Thinking Out Loud

  1. My workouts slack big time if I don’t have enough carbs in me as well. I’ve tried a higher protein/fat diet on a few occasions, and I’m pretty sure my body just wasn’t a fan, but I know that Whole30 has worked wonders for some people, so I guess it’s just all about finding out what your body likes!

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