Whole 30: Week 4 + 2


So it’s come to an end! I did it! How did I finish up? Let’s take a look… (I must have really not wanted to snap pics this week. Can you tell I’m over it?.. I tried to pick up the slack in the end…)

Day 22.

B: 2 eggs and a sweet potato with almond butter.

L: Spaghetti squash with chili. Cherry tomatoes, celery and peppers.

D: Spaghetti squash with spinach and shrimp.

S: Banana around 10. Apple with almond butter during the US game.

W: 11 hour day (I hate Mondays.) and USA played soooo no workout!

Day 23.

B: 2 hard boiled eggs, chicken with potatoes, and blueberries.

L: Spaghetti squash with shrimp and spinach with some guac on the side with mixed veggies.

D: Big ol’ salad! Mixed greens with chopped up carrots, broccoli, zucchini and cherry tomatoes. With a burger on top and guac as my dressing. On the side, grilled zucchini that was so perfect and delicious. I like my grilled veggies still a little firm and not soggy – perfection!

S: I was hungry today. Banana and cashews/hazelnuts throughout the work day. Coconut Cream Pie LaraBar before my run on the way home.

W: 2.5 miler. Not as humid out so it felt okay.

Day 24.

B: Finished up that chicken and potatoes from last week, 2 hard boiled eggs and a peach.

L: A salad similar to last nights, mixed greens with chopped veggies, and a burger and grilled zucchini on top. Wednesdays are rough… this wasn’t consumed until nearly 4 o’clock.

D: With a late lunch, I wasn’t too hungry after the gym. Sweet potato with a little almond butter. Carrots with guac.

S: Banana and cashews/hazelnuts to tide me over until I could eat lunch… See above. Ugh.

W: 25 minutes cardio and a full body lift session.

Day 25.

B: 2.5 eggs with spinach. Nectarine. Handful of blueberries.

L: Zoodles with organic yummy tomato sauce with a burger on top. Carrots and guac.

D: Cilantro Lime chicken with purple and sweet potatoes, and some broccoli cauliflower carrot mix from the steam fresh freezer bag.

S: Stressful day. Lots of almond butter. Some cashews. An apple. Maybe two.

W: Walked two miles while listening to podcasts to relax. Stress levels are high.

Day 26.

B: Two eggs with zoodles and spinach. Blueberries on the side.

L: Leftovers from last night. Chicken potatoes veggies.

D: Same as lunch. Out to watch the U.S. Play Sweden so I packed a large double meal to eat before we went to the bar.

S: Watched the game at a bar. Pulled out my LaraBar at one point. Got home and was hungry. Hard boiled egg and a scoop of almond butter.

W: No official workout but I was on my feet all day in Toms and man were my calves feeling it when I got home. Also my back was very welcoming to my bed.

Day 27.

B: Banana. Two hard boiled eggs. Last bit of Potatoes and chicken. Black coffee.

L: An avocado mashed up with leftover chicken and some fresh lime squeezed on top. A few cucumbers and a mango.

D: Taco boats! Ground turkey, sautéed onions and peppers, tomatoes and avocado in romaine lettuce wraps!


S: I’m just hungry all the time. I had a nectarine after my errands and before my workout. And a LaraBar during my 3 hour long practice exam. Monkey salad while I watched Still Alice with my mom.

W: .5 mile swim – big mistake. Shoulder has been feeling bad lately and now my grip strength is crap.

Day 28.

B: 2 Eggs mixed with the last bit of zoodles, and some of the taco ground turkey and peppers/onions from last night.



Unpictured banana eaten while this was cooking. I’ve been waking up with insane calf cramps so I’m trying to get some more potassium!

L: Delicious salad. Chicken sausage cooked up with onions and peppers, on top of romaine with some cherry tomatoes and guac! An apple on the side. Enjoyed outside in the steamy hot weather.


D: Those Turkey, Sweet Potato and Kale patties with some Whole30 approved tomato sauce on top of cauliflower rice.

S: Always snacking. Champagne mango after lunch time. Random little spoonfuls of almond butter because I have a nut butter problem. Before bed apple and almond butter. As if I hadn’t had enough.

W: 10 minute cardio warm up. Random free weight lifting session 30 minutes in the group exercise room. Followed by stretching.

Day 29.

B: Two eggs with the last taco leftovers.

L: Cauliflower rice with the last bit of chicken from earlier in the week topped off with some tomato sauce.

D: Romaine lettuce with chicken sausage, peppers, and onions. Baked sweet potato fries and parsnips on the side.

S: Banana and almonds at different points through the day.

W: Wasn’t feeling it today.

Day 30. I MADE IT!

B: Banana and a scoop of almond butter right after my run. And chugged a bottle of water.
After my shower: two eggs with a chicken sausage.

L: Leftover roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips with a few stray onions/peppers on top (there weren’t many left after I got to the potatoes and parsnips last night). Topped off with a random burger (aka ground beef frozen in patty form). Guac on the side for dipping, because, guac. And a few slices of pineapple.

D: THE LAST SUPPER. (Sorry, had to.) Pork chops. Steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Grilled pineapple.


S: Cherry Pie LaraBar (Not a fan, too tart). And an apple while finishing up documentation at work. And to celebrate 30 days – monkey salad while watching USWNT play Nigeria!

W: 2.3 miles. So humid.

Ending thoughts:

  • Okay, now what? I don’t feel any different. I didn’t get that dramatic life changing experience from this challenge. Was it because I ate fairly healthy before? Maybe because I’m lactose intolerant and dairy wasn’t a part of my diet to begin with? Was I doing something wrong? I don’t know.
  • So what do you feel? I feel less bloated. And my skin and hair apparently look flawless (from classmates I saw for the first time since graduation which was day negative one). That’s about it.
  • How do you really feel? My workouts suck and I can’t wait to fuel my body how I’m used to and get back into solid workouts. I can’t wait to eat a bagel and drink a latte. It was fun while it lasted but I’m ready for my normal diet. Also TMI warning: my, erhm, number 2 schedule has been way off and I’m ready for that to return to normal too. Overall, I feel fine. I feel normal, like my typical self.
  • Did you lose any weight? I honestly have no idea. I didn’t weigh myself beforehand, and I don’t plan on weighing myself now. I don’t like going by weight. I go by how I feel. My pants fit, my clothes fit, I feel less bloated – awesome. I did do measurements. And I didn’t think my waist could get any smaller without removing ribs so no change there. I did lose one inch in the muffin top region which is what my focus area to lose was – so Win on that! None lost in the bust – which I was actually hoping for, haha.
  • Are you glad you did it? Yes. It was a challenge that I set for myself. I practiced willpower and proved to myself that it could be done. I learned a lot about reading labels and got to cook some fun things (or cook, period, since I used to rely on my momma). Overall I thought it was interesting to learn about my body and the things I’m putting in to it.
  • Will you do it again? I won’t say no definitively. But at this moment I don’t see a point in doing it again soon since I didn’t feel a big difference. I would do a shorter time period if I was feeling bloated and gross, but 30 days it’s rough. So my answer is definitely maybe.
  • Will you change your diet at all starting with day 31? I won’t be diving back in to bagels and chocolate. (I have a bagel waiting for me when I wake up and I can’t wait to eat it.) BUT… I’ll ease things back in. And keep you all posted on how the switch goes. I’m curious about if my taste buds changed at all or if I will be more satisfied with just a bite of chocolate instead of the whole bag.
  • Will you still read labels? Yes. Now that I know and understand more about the things that I had been putting in to my body, I will be more likely to pick up the Whole30 approved chicken sausage versus another cheaper brand, or the Whole30 approved bacon versus the cheaper brand, or more likely to make my own marinades rather than pre-packaged ones.

Fun fact for my Whole 30 experience: I ate eggs every single day. And I never got sick of them. I always knew I loved eggs. But this just proved my point. I could eat eggs every day, no problem.

Now excuse me while I go eat a bagel and hit up S-Bucks for a soy latte. 🙂



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