Weekend Recap

Hey, guess what? I actually did things this weekend! Besides study! Look at me, being social and whatnot! So let’s do a weekend recap, the first one of these in awhile:


Friday after work, I headed straight down to Arlington to Olivia’s apartment. We had plans to head over to Wolf Trap to watch the National Symphony Orchestra play the scores to the movie Back to the Future! We went last year when they did this to the movie Fantasia and it was fantastic so we knew we had to go again.



This venue is awesome, because they allow you to bring in your own food and drinks (including alcohol!). So we had grabbed some BBQ from a local store and packed up the coolers with beers and waters and snacks. It was perfect! We did get rained on a bit but that didn’t deter the Orchestra from sounding amazing with the movie. Half the time, we forgot the Orchestra was there because we were so into the movie. It was also Freddy’s birthday weekend, so Olivia surprised him with a cookie and a candle!


Overall it was the perfect night out with some amazing friends. Here is a side by side picture of last year and this year, both of which Olivia took and we were sitting in the same order:


Some things never change! 🙂 Love these people. To my left is Olivia’s fiancĂ©, Jimmy. They’re getting married in just under a year from now and I can’t wait for that wedding!


Saturday started out perfectly. I woke up and immediately hit the road for a slow, easy, four miler. I want to start increasing my mileage since I have my half training coming up at the end of July. I was a little nervous because of how crappy my workouts had been during Whole30.


But OMG, you guys. I felt so good! The entire run felt awesome, my lungs were doing great, my legs weren’t giving out on me, my glutes were kicking in more than my quads and my legs didn’t feel like J-E-L-L-O after a mile and a half. It is incredible what simple carbs do for you! I guess that just proves my point that I run on bagels. Literally. My energy levels with carbs versus my energy levels on Whole30 are dramatically different. Everyone’s body is different, and I learned a lot about myself and my body through the Whole 30 challenge, but oh my goodness I am so thankful for carbs.

The rest of Saturday was spent studying and doing busy work school work. Then I headed out to Annapolis for a Father’s Day BBQ at my uncle’s house. He lives right near an awesome marina, which we took full advantage of taking a few walks down to.

Never go anywhere without your America coozie

IMG_6845 IMG_6846


Saturday night ended with more busy work and mid-term evaluation stuff for clinic while watching Gone Girl on HBO.


I woke up feeling the need to run again, and with the 8 brownies (I wish I was kidding…) that I consumed the previous night at the BBQ, a few miles sounded fabulous… Then I stepped outside and HOLY humidity. I still toughed out 2.4 miles which was cut short by a stiff neck. I must run real stiff in my upper body because I’m currently sitting here with heat on my neck to hopefully calm it down..

I felt like Christmas.

I followed that up with a shower and breakfast. Then sat down to take another practice test. Which I did well on! I improved by a few points again which I was thrilled with. But I’m still so nervous about the test. And let’s not even talk about applying to jobs. It’s so nerve racking!! Especially because I don’t want to look like an idiot for filling something out wrong!

Anyways. The rest of Sunday was relaxing. I met up with a college roommate for lunch to catch up which was perfect. Then came home and studied while I laid out and baked in the sun. Then had a freak out at all of the things that I had to do so I skipped Father’s Day dinner with the fam and stayed in my room to finish it up! We had celebrated Father’s Day Saturday night, so I didn’t feel terrible and my dad enjoyed his gift too! My brother and his fiancĂ© took my parents out for dinner, I didn’t wanna fifth wheel it. Haha.

And that’s all I’ve got for ya! A mix of productivity and fun this weekend! I can’t wait for next weekend – Bachelorette festivities down in Virginia Beach!!


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