Post Whole 30 Thoughts

So here I am a little more than a week after ending my first Whole 30 experience. You saw my thoughts about it the last post. But how have I felt the first week back?? Here’s my thoughts, linking up with Thinking Out Loud today! And some unrelated thoughts to end out the post. Be sure to head over to Amanda’s page and check out what other bloggers are thinking about!


1. Day one post Whole 30 I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I woke up and made an omelette and while half asleep I remembered I could eat real food again! So I threw one piece of whole wheat toast into the toaster to enjoy with my omelette. I wanted to ease back in to things. What did I notice? I felt fine, maybe a little more full (aka bloated) but felt good.

2. I had packed my lunch the night before so it was actually completely Whole 30, but I tossed some plaintain chips that were iffy on the Whole 30 so I held on to them for after (skeptical oils).  Again, felt okay, nothing crazy.

3. I went to the store and accidentally purchased coconut milk ice cream. That didn’t settle in my stomach and I was crawling to bed shortly after. (Although I think it was more a combo of everything)

4. The next day I woke up with a massive headache that didn’t go away for two days. News flash: reintroducing sugar is just as hard as taking it away. My stomach didn’t like food, I craved veggies, and it made me think: Hmm maybe I did feel fantastic on Whole 30, I just didn’t realize it?

5. Then I started to work out. I had had a bagel, and was slowly working more carbs into my diet. I even had a few beers Friday night. Saturday morning I woke up to run. I did four of my best (as in, I felt amazing the whole way, not speed wise) in a long time. I didn’t fatigue like I had been, my head and legs didn’t feel like a thousand pounds, I could breathe the whole time. Thoughts? I run on bagels. Literally. 

6. I would say days 5-6 were the hardest on my stomach. I tried not to over do it on the carbs; I ate a burger without having the bun, more veggies than I would have pre-Whole30. But my stomach was not having it. TMI alert: I mentioned that my, erhm, schedule, was off on Whole30. Well my stomach made up for that days 5-6. I told you it was TMI. 

7. So here we are a whole week and 2 days after Whole 30. I definitely can tell I am more bloated than I was. But my workouts are great, the coffee is keeping me moving more than it was, I’m still getting tired at work but not as knocked out fatigued as I would feel before. I figure my bloat is just meant to be there and I may as well just rock it. Sometimes you need to choose participating in life (aka social events) rather than sitting out cause you don’t want to eat carbs.

8. So basically… The Whole30 was great. I felt good for the most part minus my workouts, i learned a lot about my body and my willpower, and I did something I set my mind to. But now that I’m back to my normal self, I feel great too. So maybe that life isn’t for me. Everyone reacts differently to different things. I run on carbs. You may run on veggies. Someone else may run on meat. You just have to find what works for you. 

9. Unrelated Whole30: Today is my mid-term evaluation at my clinical. It’s hard to believe that I am halfway through my final placement already! Time is flying by and I’m getting more and more nervous as time creeps on. I have one month until my board exam, 6 weeks left of clinic, which adds up to about 6 weeks until I need to find a job and move out! (More on that as it becomes more solidified, obvi.)



10. I feel like I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut lately, emotionally and mentally. I know that I’m moving in the right direction and have SO many great things headed my way – but in some way, I feel like my life is at a stand still. I feel like people around me are moving on to bigger and better things, and I’m still here, living at home at 26, working for free, finishing up my degree. I know, that’s silly, considering I literally just graduated with my doctorate, I worked my ass off for 3 years and it’s about to all pay off, but I can’t help but think about it sometimes. That’s my venting.  I know I’ll get over it. And before I know it, I’ll be the one moving on to bigger and better things. For now, I just have to trust the process and have faith that He knows where I will end up and that He has my path all figured out…



11. Final thought: I’m so glad that my Whole30 is over for this weekend: It’s bachelorette party weekend!!!! Tomorrow I will be off to Virginia Beach with the bride-to-be and the rest of the bridesmaids! It should be an awesome weekend and I can’t wait to have a break from the real world and just relax. And yes, I will be bringing my studying supplies with me. I’ll just feel better if they are there, regardless of if I look at them or not, haha. Full bach weekend recap when I return!

Have a great weekend y’all! And GO USA Friday night against China!!

Oh Oh Oh! Bonus: LISTEN to this jam. Timeflies (my obsession for the past 4-5 years.) just came out with a new song, tour dates, and word of a new album release soon. Obsessed with this song – so I needed to share. You are welcome.


4 thoughts on “Post Whole 30 Thoughts

  1. I love experimenting with my diet to find out what my body likes and what it doesn’t. But then sometimes I throw all caution to the wind and eat whatever without thinking about it and find I feel the best that way. The body is a tricky thing to figure out. And omigosh your weekend sounds like so much fun — have the best time!

  2. I’m on Day 27 of Whole30 and I’ve already decided that it is going to be WholeSummer. I feel fantastic. I haven’t lost as much weight as I had hoped to, but I feel on track.

    1. That’s great! I always try and focus on how I feel versus the weight loss thing – if we feel awesome, we are more confident in our bodies which is the main goal! Good luck with the WholeSummer; I definitely do not have the willpower for that so all the power to ya!

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