A Catch

“You’re not just “a catch”, you’re legitimately the object of a chase.” A really good friend said this to me this weekend after a long talk about some things that have been bothering me. I’ve never had a conversation with this guy that doesn’t leave me thinking. He always has great advice, and despite my … More A Catch

Waiting Game…

Thinking Out Loud posts don’t need introductions:   1. Let’s be honest. My mind is no where but wondering how Tuesday really went. I know how I felt it went: terrible, exhausting, brain melting, ego draining… I feel like I blacked out through half of it and don’t even really know what was happening. But. It … More Waiting Game…

Test Day

Tomorrow at 7:30 am, I will sit down to take the National Physical Therapy Board Exam. I have prepared the best that I could given the fact that I am working full time in clinical and have been studying every waking hour I am not at work. I have taken the practice tests, I have done … More Test Day


The stress levels are growing, everything seems to be happening at once, I have more and more added to my plate every day at clinic (which is GREAT! and exhausting), and I’m about to just spill it all out there. Since it’s Thursday. And Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud, thanks to the wonderful Amanda … More #RealTalk


If there’s one holiday that I love more than all the rest, it’s the Fourth of July. I love America. I love our flag. I love wearing our flag. I love red, white and blue. I love everything that has to do with this country. That being said, I only have one thing to chat … More ‘Merica

Thinking Out Loud

My life is back to being boring. Work, eat, run, study, sleep, repeat. So I thought it would be fun to throw a little survey into the mix. I love filling these things out and love reading them on others blogs, cause you learn more about a person that you may not have known! I … More Thinking Out Loud