If there’s one holiday that I love more than all the rest, it’s the Fourth of July. I love America. I love our flag. I love wearing our flag. I love red, white and blue. I love everything that has to do with this country.

That being said, I only have one thing to chat about today. And that is…




FINALLY, the ladies have brought the World Cup back where it belongs – here in the U.S. of A.!!! All thanks to that lady right up there. Carli Lloyd stepped it up BIG time. She had a hat trick in the first 15 minutes of the game. Yes. A HAT TRICK in 15 minutes. Insane. I couldn’t stop laughing the entire first 20 minutes of the game because I couldn’t believe what was happening.


I grew up watching this team play. I remember the ’99 World Cup vividly. I was actually hiking Pike’s Peak in Colorado (aka, driving up, I was 10.), and I taped the game. I wouldn’t let anyone tell me what happened and I went to my Aunt’s room and watched the entire 120 minutes and PKs and went crazy when Brandi Chastain scored that epic final PK. This team today has something special. They are incredibly talented, they are young, and they have the potential to continue to do great things.

I love that this team and the following behind them are continuing to grow. I love that when I have kids of my own, my girls will have idols to look up to, just like I did. I love this team, I love this country, and HELL YEAH WORLD CUP CHAMPS!



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