Waiting Game…

Thinking Out Loud posts don’t need introductions:



1. Let’s be honest. My mind is no where but wondering how Tuesday really went. I know how I felt it went: terrible, exhausting, brain melting, ego draining… I feel like I blacked out through half of it and don’t even really know what was happening. But. It is what it is. And now we wait. Because I tried my best and within the next 10 days I will know how I did.

2. Let’s jump back to late last week. I had a rough night sleep one night and woke up to see the best quote from another blogger on insta…



This was just too perfect. If you know me at all, gangsta rap is how I solve most of life’s problems.

3. Have you heard about the rage on tart cherry juice? I’ve seen a few articles on it in the paper, on blogs, and around the inter webs about the benefits of tart cherries and tart cherry juice.



So my mom picked up some and I’ve been drinking it after runs. I’m not sure how much exactly you’re supposed to be drinking to reap the benefits, but I figured it’s worth a shot? My mom has pretty bad arthritis, so she is trying it out too to see if it helps with the inflammation. I’ll keep you posted!

4. Saturday, I was in need of a study break and luckily, my best friend Chelsea had just the cure – a BBQ/pool day at her mom’s house just down the road!


It was a steamy hot day and the pool was so perfect! A few good beers and mixed drinks made by the bartender, Fabio, Chelsea’s boyfriend, did the trick to help cool us down too!


It was a great time and took my mind off of studying for a bit, which was much needed! I’m so glad that I’ll have more time to do more things like this, now that I’m not studying all the time. I’m really looking forward to Chelsea’s house warming party in a few weeks because all of my best friends will be back together again and I won’t have the stress of studying to worry about while I’m with them!

5. Me and my college roomie have started to create our own snapchat back and forth to each other the old fashion way – through texts. It’s always fun to be able to just send awkward selfies to someone out of blue and you know they will send one back, just as silly and crazy.

IMG_6968 IMG_6961

6. Sunday was the hottest day of the year. So naturally, I woke up without power. Around 7 am I woke sweating – I opened my eyes to see no fan on and I couldn’t hear my air purifier. Never a good sign. So I got up and headed to the gym and got 4 miles in on the dread mill. After a dark shower and sweating as soon as I stepped out, I headed to Panera for lunch and to study in some AC.


7. Monday was a blur. My mind was on the test that I was going to be taking Tuesday. I saw patients, but I couldn’t tell you what I did with them. My CI asked how I was doing, and then I cried. I came home and knew that I just needed to decompress, relax, and get out of my head.


To my happy place a went. I walked up to the dock of the lake, laid down, put my feet up, put on my meditation app, and closed my eyes for 15 minutes.


When I felt calmed down, I walked the 1.5 miles back home to a dinner of brain food (salmon, asparagus and sweet potatoes), then went straight to bed.

8. Tuesday morning, I woke feeling nauseous, anxious, but ready to go. I ate my breakfast. Packed my snacks. Drank my coffee. And hit the road.

I got to the testing site with 20 minutes to spare and they let me start as soon as the processed everything and I got signed in. Before I knew it, I was submitting the last section of the biggest test of my life and walking out of the testing center. Wanting to throw up, wanting to cry, wanting to laugh, wanting to celebrate. I was just feeling all of the emotions. So I went to VA, picked up my classmate, grabbed Chipotle and a case a beers, and hit the pool.


Because it’s okay to drink beer at 1 pm and eat Chipotle and bake in the sun after you take a 5 hour exam on everything you’ve learned in the 3 years of PT school.

9. So that brings us to here. And now. And the waiting game. I’ll know within the next 10 days whether I passed the NPTE or not. Whether I’ll officially get to add those 5 letters after my name. I know that I gave it my all, studied my butt off and did the best I could do. There’s not much else I can do but sit here….

And wait.


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