4 Words Per Picture

I guess I’ve been too busy being a doctor over here to post in the blog… Just kidding. I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing over here and enjoying every second. I’ve been reading books, laying by the pool, having interviews, and searching for a job. Let’s dump some iPhone pics on you to let you know what I’ve been up to lately…

Celebrating: No More SPT.



Doing some casual reading.



Helping with home demolition.



Poolside + a good book.



Checking out the view…



Of my new room….



Coffee date with Corrin



Before being mentally tortured…




Walking with the pup




And there’s that. I’m frustrated with the job search. It’s hard, exhausting, mentally draining and I just want someone to hire me. I’m anxious to move out of my house and up to Philly. It’s going to all work out, but I need it to happen now. I’m impatient and just want my life to start. I’m done living at home. I can’t do it anymore. And I need to make money, because my bank account is going to start laughing at me soon. And I’m done venting. Anyone out there know of hospitals hiring PTs in Philly?! No? Okay, it was worth a shot.



3 thoughts on “4 Words Per Picture

    1. Thanks Carrie! The book was just okay. I wasn’t really impressed all that much, but it was an easy read. I recently went to the library and snagged a few from your most recent post of reviews! 🙂

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