Thinking Out Loud

If you’ve noticed, the majority of my recent posts have been on Thursdays. And have been Thinking Out Loud posts. It’s just so easy to throw together these posts without putting much thought in to it – and that’s my kind of blogging. Also, my life has no particular order these days, so the randomness of TOL just fits with me lately. Without further ado…



  1. First things first… Tonight I am heading down to the Eastern Shore to be a part of the wedding of two of my favorite people in the world: Sarah and Sean!



I am so excited that I get to be a part of their big day and I can’t believe it’s snuck up so soon! I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it!

2. In my downtime, since I have a lot of it, I’ve been planning my future bedroom at my friend’s place in Philly. It’s so fun looking at new bedding and throwing around different color themes. So far I’m thinking I like navy and gray with pops of coral. However, I’m debating keeping my black curtains – just to avoid the cost of more things – which means I would knock the navy and do gray and black with a pop of another color. Thoughts?! Here are a few comforters that I’ve had my eye on…

IMG_7167 IMG_7166 IMG_7156

I just can’t decide on a definite color theme! Ah!

3. A few years ago, I refinished an old desk that we had in to a new desk.. (I thought I had a post about it, but I guess not… hahaha) But fortunately, I still have the paint and it still is good to use! It’s a dark granite color which is perfect for my vision of my new room – so that’s my newest project, refinishing an old dresser to match my desk!

4. Speaking of my desk, I was trying to figure out the best way to utilize it in my new space. We only have one bathroom, so I had the idea of creating my desk in to a vanity space! While at HomeGoods the other day, naturally I started looking at the mirrors and found the perfect one…


I didn’t buy it.. Because well, I don’t have a job yet, I’m not moving yet until I have a job, and my bank account needs to be watched very closely because of said unemployment. But it’s the perfect size and would look perfect with the theme I’m going for. Plus, it was only 25 dollars! Win!

5. The other night I was stressed with the job search and needed s’mores. Note: I didn’t say wanted, I said needed. Some things are just a necessity 😉

Win: We had graham crackers and we had chocolate. The problem: We only had mini marshmallows. Solution: Enter toaster oven broil.


These were the gooiest, messiest, most delicious s’mores ever. One note: next time, add the chocolate after you broil the marshmallows, not before.

6. We had a crab feast on Sunday – it’s not summer in Maryland with crabs…

IMG_7122So we had some extra crabs that me and my sister picked through to have some meat for the week. Enter best dinner ever… Crab avocado lettuce wraps!



7. I’m slowly working on the book The Girl On The Train.



8. I’ve contacted a recruiter. I’ve just gotten to the point where I’m really frustrated and I needed a little extra help. He sounds legit and like he knows what he is doing. So fingers crossed that this can lead to a job! I’m not doing anything until Monday on the job search front – just focusing on the wedding festivities!

And there’s that! Have a great weekend everyone!


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