Training Update

Not having a job, having literally nothing to do during the week, but having weekends jam packed with activities, has made for an awkward training plan thus far in my training. But I’m going with it and just doing what I feel my legs can handle during the week. Here’s the past week of training

Wednesday 8/19

Legs were feeling my Tuesday lifting session – 3.5 mile walk listening to podcasts.

Thursday 8/20

45 minutes of cross training at the gym: Arc trainer and elliptical split.

Friday 8/21

6 miles on the Boardwalk. Slow and HOT – but I got the miles in 🙂

IMG_7184 IMG_7182

Saturday 8/22

Walking in heels all day and owning the dance floor at Sarah and Sean’s wedding 🙂

Sunday 8/23

So, so hungover. Barely made it the three hour drive home. Slept all day. Zero work out.

Monday 8/24

1000 meter swim. Stretch and foam roll.

Tuesday 8/25

1 mile warm up. 6 hill repeats (Fast run up hill that is at least 6% grade if not more – estimating the hill is about .1 mile long – walk/jog back down once I stopped sucking wind). 1 mile cool down to get home. Hills will be the death of me in this race.


Wednesday 8/26

The plan today is to hit the gym and lift after helping the sister set up her classroom for a few hours.

So there you have it! This weekend I have a 7 miler on the schedule. I need to start writing out my training plan every week to make sure I stick to it. I think I’m doing pretty well so far sticking with my 3 runs a week, listening to my legs and doing at least 2 days of cross training.

One thing I’m learning while training with this half: stick to spring races. Training in the summer is brutal. No matter how early I wake up, I can never beat this humidity and I feel so exhausted and thirsty no matter how far I’m running. I need to invest in a water bottle to carry with me because that 6 miler was rough. Thank goodness for sand wash off showers – yes, I was that runner sticking my face in the faucet on the boardwalk. My hope: that that perfect fall running weather hits us sooner rather than later!


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