Life Update

I’m coming at you this morning from a cute little coffee shop a few blocks away from my friend’s place in Philadelphia. I’ve been up here since Monday afternoon, intent on find a job ASAP. I’m keeping a positive outlook and I’m not quitting the search until something that is perfect for me pops up! I’ve had a few opportunities that just didn’t quite work for me, but I refuse to settle for something that I don’t want.


So what have I been up to?

I ran a hot, hard, tiring 7 miles last Saturday that seriously made me reconsider my decision to run a fall half. I was dragging, my legs were exhausted (it could have been the BodyPump class I took 2 days before), and I just felt terrible. Onward with the long runs and I shall attempt 8 on Friday. I listened to my body and I took Sunday through Tuesday OFF completely with the exception of Corrin’s stairs and chasing squirrels – more on that later…)

Before leaving, I spent one last afternoon with this bugger at the pool and attempted to give him a mohawk…


Monday Things…

I packed up (less than half of) my life and put it into my mom’s car…



I sat at this same exact coffee shop to take my pre-interview call on Monday where I learned things about the facility that didn’t make me happy and was rather upsetting, as I was excited about this opportunity. So I headed over to Spruce Street Harbor Park, grabbed my book and laid in a hammock…


I walked around, people watched, called and talked to a few people to ease my thoughts while I waited for Corrin to get off work…

IMG_7353 IMG_7357

Tuesday was quite the adventure…

Corrin was uncomfortable Monday night and ended up going downstairs to sleep on a rug – her room is a loft on the 3rd floor and with no AC, it is brutal. About 3 minutes after she went down, I heard a trembling, freaked out voice saying “Saammmm….”. I was expecting a “There’s someone in the house…” or something crazy. I was not a expecting “There’s a squirrel in the guest room.”

Lo and behold – there was a baby squirrel in the guest room. Tuesday morning we woke up and he was still there. She went to work and I prepared for an interview. I sat downstairs and ate my pepper for breakfast and all of a sudden I hear this absurd screeching sound. It honestly sounded like a bird so I’m texting Corrin crazy things… “THERE’S A BIRD. THERE’S A BIRD IN YOUR HOUSE.” “I HEAR IT ABOVE ME IN THE GUEST ROOM.” “OMG I HEAR SOMETHING IN THE BATHROOM.” It was comical, yet terrifying because I didn’t know what was happening. I went to go grab my toothbrush from the bathroom and heard scurrying in the pipes behind the tub where her dad was doing work and the wall was open. I squealed and ran out and shut the door. My teeth did not get brushed yesterday morning.

And there we had it. There was not only a squirrel in the guest room, but there was a squirrel in the bathroom too! I saw the bushy tail and 4 feet under the crack in the door, filmed it and sent it to Corrin who was freaking out at work, Googling how to get rid of squirrels. If you know Corrin, you know she would rather do something herself than pay someone to do it…


She came home from work ready to go! So into the guest room she went first…


She got him out and he clung to the window sill for dear life. And didn’t leave the window sill for hours, occasionally turning around and trying to find a way BACK IN through the window.


Next up: the bathroom. We don’t see the little guy when we open the door. We are just standing there searching, then I’m standing with my hand on the door and see him creep out from behind the door. We both squeal and I slam the door shut with Corrin still inside. (Hahahaha) I was the cheerleader outside asking for the play by play and yelling at her that she could do it! Eventually, out went squirrel number two, along with a sweatshirt, my towel and the bath mat – out the window. And we are now squirrel free. Hopefully.

Wednesday Things…

This morning I headed out for a run. My legs have still not felt good. They felt terrible on my run, I was lethargic and just did not feel right. I made it to the Liberty Bell (about 1.4 miles) before I stopped to stretch and take pictures with all of the other tourists.

IMG_7388 IMG_7385

I had to get a little artsy…


Then I made my way back home, walk/jogging. I think possibly I haven’t been replenishing properly. I used to always drink Gatorade or other things to replenish electrolytes after long runs but I haven’t drank that stuff in months. My plan is to get more things like that in me and see if that makes a difference – today I chugged some of Corrin’s Replenish powder from Isogenics in hopes that it would do the trick. We shall see!

And so that brings me back here, to this coffee shop with AC and lattes. Goal today: send out more resumes, contact more places that I have already reached out to via resume, and get a hold of my recruiter to make sure he’s still on the hunt. I’m already partially moved in, so it’s all or nothing at this point!

I’ve been enjoying this time checking out my new digs and it’s only making me more excited to live in this city with one of my best friends. I have until October before I need to move in – so fingers crossed that something that is perfect for me pops up soon!

I’m not sure when I’ll check back in – Friday after our 8 miler, we will be heading up to Point Pleasant with Corrin’s family for the long weekend and I can’t wait to be at the beach! Have a great week y’all – Happy Hump Day!


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