LDW 2015

I’ve been up in Philly since last Monday – interviewing, job searching and contacting places. I stayed for the week because I had plans for LDW with Corrin and a few friends from undergrad.

Thursday night after a kickball game, Corrin and I headed up to Point Pleasant, NJ for the weekend with her family! Her family friends own a few houses up there and offered the house to Corrin’s family for the weekend. Her family is always a blast to be around and always so generous – we had full bellies ALL weekend thanks to the massive Costco trip they took before coming up.

Friday morning started out with an 8 miler with Corrin and her sister! I really wasn’t feeling it because my calves had been acting up a bit and I was nervous to run on them, but it turned out to be just fine. They both are a little faster than me but I stuck with my comfortable pace and didn’t let it get to me that I felt like I was chasing them half the time. We did a loop past the boardwalk, over the bridge and through the communities that make up Point Pleasant – it was actually a really nice morning and wasn’t terribly humid and hot.


Friday was a pretty overcast day so we didn’t do much beaching, we mostly just hung around the house and relaxed. Luckily, the rest of the weekend was just about perfect. Brionna arrived Friday afternoon and Noel arrived Saturday morning.

Saturday’s weather was better, but the water was still rough so we weren’t allowed in. We woke up and walked about 45 minutes on the beach which felt good on my sore legs. When Noel got in, we were on the beach soaking up some rays. Eventually we headed in and helped out with dinner…


This was the typical dinner spread to feed 14 people: up on Saturday was steaks, baked potatoes, salad, broccoli, and mushrooms and onions. Below: Jodi, Bri, Corrin and Noel filling their plates; and my plate.



Dessert was Oreo Cheesecake and Peach Cobbler. OMG – so good. I probably gained 10 pounds this weekend, but whatever, vacation.

We all generally tried to take the lead on at least one meal – Sunday I helped Corrin’s sister with breakfast. We used a lot of the leftovers to make a potato hash with sausage from the previous mornings breakfast, an egg scramble with broccoli, mushrooms and onions, and the end of the NY bagels that Corrin’s other sister brought down.


We all failed and literally took zero pictures together. We didn’t have our phones on us most of the time and we were just enjoying each others company and weren’t worried about the outside world; it was perfect. We had ample alcohol at the house, but we never got drunk which was glorious. We went to the bar for one drink on Sunday and saw a friend from undergrad which was a nice surprise, but headed back home and watched a movie to end the night. I’m glad we were all on the same page and didn’t want to party and go crazy all weekend – a few of us are on tight budgets lately and we’ve really just learned that we don’t like drinking like we used to.

After cleaning the house down Monday morning, grabbing breakfast and spending a few hours on the beach (of course it was the best day of the weekend), Corrin and I headed back down to Philly.

That brings us back to here, me at the cute coffee shop, getting WiFi and AC before heading over to another interview and then finally heading home. I started to get a little anxious over the weekend and I’m ready to just be home in my own bed and back in my comfort zone for a bit before making the move up here. I’m sure I’ll post more about that, because it’s a big step in my life right now (in the right direction), but with anxiety being my middle name, I’m having some anxiety about it.

But for now – Happy Tuesday and 4 day work week!


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