TOL: Training and Life

It’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday – no intro needed:


  1. I don’t do well without a schedule. It’s bothering me, it’s making me anxious, my training is off, my eating is crappy. It’s just not good.
    • With half training, I really like to be on a schedule. I like to know what workout I’m going to do every day. I like preparing for my long run, mentally and physically (nutrition and hydration-wise). With how much I’ve been back and forth between home and Philly, the traveling, the lack of a schedule, I haven’t been able to time my runs how I want to and I hate it.
    • Along with that, in Philly, we don’t have a fridge yet. So my eating has been all over the place and it has been so frustrating trying to eat healthy and get back to my comfortable weight. I’m uncomfortable and not happy with myself right now; that’s just adding to the stress.
  2. Packing up my life into boxes is sad and brings back so many memories when I run across random things that have been hidden away.
  3. I have a few more leads for jobs and I’m crossing my fingers that they work out. I think that would ease a lot of my stress and anxiety I’ve been having lately.
  4. This weekend I get to go to the Bury and celebrate the engagement of one of my best friends and I couldn’t be more excited. There’s a big surprise happening too, that I can’t wait for.
Olivia’s Engagement party – on my right!

5. I surprisingly only made it through one book the past week that I was in Philly – All The Lights We Cannot See. I just could not get through it. I struggled to finish it. It just didn’t draw me in like other books do; maybe historical fiction just isn’t my thing.

6. My training has looked like this the past week:

  • Last Wednesday: 2.5 miles –> Rest day –> 8 miles –> 2 mile walk on the beach –> Rest –> Rest –> 3.1 miles with hill repeats –> Core strengthening and 2 mile easy run –> Not sure what I’ll do today because I will run my 9 miler tomorrow.

It’s been super all over the place lately and I as you can see has included more rest days than normal; but I’m really doing my best to just listen to my body this time around. The last thing I want is to get injured and my calves started to act up a bit last week.

7. Last night I foam rolled like crazy and this morning I woke up sore from that. So I must have really needed it. I’ve been slacking with that aspect of training too – the recovery part and stretching/foam rolling. Another issue with the lack of schedule and super stress.

8. I really don’t have anything else to say. I want to get a post up soon about thoughts on the big move and everything going on in my head – because I’m going slightly crazy with all of the stress and anxiety in my life right now. So be expecting that soon.

Happy Friday-Eve, it’s almost the weekend, y’all.


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