Five Friday Favorites

Things have been rough over here lately – stressed, anxious, chubby, restless, and so on… So I want to bring a little positivity out and talk about some fun things that I’ve been up to lately!


Last weekend, I drove up to BWI to pick up one of my best friends from PT school..


And then we drove out to Salisbury to surprise Olivia – another best friend from PT school – at her engagement party! Olivia knew I was coming, but had no idea that Alexis flew up from Florida to be there to celebrate. Naturally, we had to go big, so I wrapped her in wrapping paper…


If I knew how to embed videos in here then I would put it in, but it was hilarious. First, Olivia comes down and says “I said no presents, Sam! What is this?!” I just smiled and said “Just open it!”. There were laughs, screams and tears and it was perfect. We spent the night celebrating the engagement of Olivia and Jimmy and I got to hang out with some of my favorite people in the world…

Market Street! Alex, Olivia, Me, Freddy
Alex, Me, Taylor, Olivia, Jimmy!

Long Hikes

Since myself and a few awesome classmates are currently enjoying our funemployment, we decided to head up to Sugarloaf for a hike. What we planned to be about a 5 miler turned more in to a 6-6.5 miler. We were exhausted and hangry by the end of that hike but it was such a perfect day out to do it!



PT School Reunions

It’s weird not seeing these people every day like I have the past 3 years. I grew used to seeing the same faces and I loved it. I loved my class. Sure, we have our “cliques”, and we had our issues, and we got sick of each other often – but we were super close regardless and I wouldn’t have wanted to go through that experience with anyone else. So when things like Sunday night football reunions happen, I love it!


We even FaceTimed Will in! (Over my shoulder – haha!)

Pre-Interview Selfies

I was feeling super confident yesterday going in to my interview and just had such a good feeling about it – so I snapped this Snap selfie before heading in.


Fingers crossed!

Patterns on Patterns?

So my comforter for my room is a pattern… But I wanted a rug since the floor is all hardwood and I’m weird and like to lay on my floor a lot. But I was having a hard time finding a rug that wasn’t crazy patterned that I still liked, and wasn’t just plain blue or gray or white.


Thoughts?! I hated it at first. Then I sent it to all of my friends and family and got their thoughts. They love it. I still am not 100% sold. It may be better when it’s on my bed and not directly on top of it, but my bed is not yet up there.

Bonus: America.

This one I want to post just so that I can put up this picture somewhere. I need this in my life. It may be a dog bed, or just a big bean bag.. I’m not sure. But I need it. Obvs.


And that’s all I’ve got for you today. I hope you have a great weekend: mine will start out with a 10 miler tomorrow morning – oof.


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