Running Confessions

Runners are an awkward breed. Everyone has their own things that they do that sets them apart from the pack, but for the most part – and we’ll admit it – we are a bit looney. On my 11-miler this weekend, I had a lot of time to think about a few things that make me just another one of those looney runners. And I don’t hate it. But here are my Running Confessions.


  1. I’m that runner that needs to set out everything the night before a long run or race. I’m talking clothes, I’m talking fuel packed in the SpiBelt, I’m talking breakfast laid out on the counter.
  2. I’m that runner that needs to know a few days in advance when I will be doing my long run. I can’t just decide the day before that my 11 miler is happening tomorrow. That just doesn’t work for me. I need to mentally prepare myself for the long run/race. I need to fuel the day before and make sure I’m hydrated – because I know that I won’t feel right if I don’t.
  3. That being said: I’m that runner that hates people who can up and run 10 miles on whim. I wish I could do that. I wish I could not be in training and just go and run 10 miles without dying. But I would be crawling by the end without fuel and training
  4. I’m that runner who changes my gait pattern throughout a run based on how my legs feel. This may be due to my PT background and because I have the knowledge to adjust my mechanics to decrease pains that I’m feeling. This is actually beneficial I guess, but
  5. I’m that runner that read articles about running. And I’ll read things, then Google the topic to find supporting evidence. I don’t always listen to what the article is saying, but it’s always good to know whats out there.
  6. I’m a slow runner. This one took me a long, very long, time, to accept. I’ve been an athlete my entire life. Sports have always been “my thing”. And it took me a long time to realize that running, while it is a part of all of my sports I played, is a totally different sport on its own. I found myself getting upset when I would see people who looked “unathletic” running faster than me. (I know, that’s extremely shallow of me, but this is a #nojudgementzone right?). Now I embrace my runs and work towards being better than the runner I was last week. That’s what it’s all about anyways, right? It just took me 4 rounds of training for half marathons to get there.
  7. Speaking of being slow, I’ve learned to listen to my body on long runs. When I push it up a hill and I’m breathing heavy, I slow it down for a few minutes until my breathing settles. I like to take the conversational pace with most long runs and really hone in on my breathing. I’ve stopped looking at my times and stopped paying attention to my pace.
    • My run Saturday was the best run I’ve had in awhile. I didn’t feel fatigued until Mile 8 of 11 and I took it nice and comfortable. I finished 11.03 miles at an average pace of 11:15. And that’s okay with me. Last year when I trained for the OC Half that I PR’ed – my training runs were never faster than 10:15 average pace. Know what I did on race day? 9:33 pace. Yep.
  8. I’m that runner that lives in compression socks/sleeves. I think it’s honestly a mental game at this point – but they sure do make my legs feel amazing! Not only do I wear them the day before a race, during the race, and after for recovery… I actually wear them to work sometimes when I’m in the hospital. I’m on my feet pretty much the entire work day minus lunch, and I have pretty poor venous return when I’m on my feet, so the compression socks help with that a ton.
    • Yes, I have worn them to the grocery store/out running errands.
  9. I’m that runner that would sleep with my foam roller if that wasn’t a weird thing to do. I lay on that thing to stretch out my back and chest, I roll out my ITBs and adductors and calves. It’s just an amazingly simple creation that can make you feel so much pain and feel so good at the same time.
  10. I’m that runner that talks about running a lot. I Instagram my runs. I let people know that I’m walking funny through these outlets because I ran 11 miles this morning (that happened Saturday). I tell my friends about my runs – my runner friends, because they get it.
  11. I’m that runner that gets serious runger and will eat all the things. Because it’s okay, I’ll run it off later. (This is the worst lie I tell myself and once this half marathon is over, Skinny Sam will be back!)
  12. I’m that runner that would rather spend $100 on new running shoes than on any other shoes. The same goes with running clothes. Running gear > all over clothing. Let’s be honest.

And there you have it. Twelve of my confessions of being a runner.

What are some of your running confessions?!


2 thoughts on “Running Confessions

  1. I have to plan days in advance when I do my long run! I definitely do not like leaving it to the last minute – causes me way too much stress. I wear compression socks all the time – sometimes out in public with shorts… let’s just say my boyfriend has occasionally been like “you’re wearing that….” I also NEED to track my runs. Even if it’s not for a workout, I need to know how far I went. Just going out for a jog isn’t my jam. I’m far too Type-A.

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