Online Dating: What Now?

You can see my first post about online dating here. Now we continue on the thread today with the topic of: Okay, so you found a few guys that sound interesting, you’ve messaged back and forth and you aren’t totally creeped out by them. So now what?

  • They ask for your number, or offer there own number…
    • Of course you’re thinking, am I really about to give my phone number to someone that I’ve never met in person and I’ve had maybe 10-15 interactions with through messages over the course of 3 days?
      • You weigh the pros and cons:
        • Pros: You don’t have to keep pulling up this damn site in order to see what this guy just said, it’s way easier.
        • Cons: This guy could possibly be a serial killer.
      • You figure, hey, it’s just your number. You can block his number if he gets creepy, you can choose to not respond if things get weird, whatever.
      • And hey, you never know, this guy might actually turn out who he says he is and be pretty awesome.
    • So you give your number to them and/or text them. You see where things go.
      • Do you have to initiate every interaction? Is conversation flowing easy? Do you feel that your personalities clash or complement each other?
  • Okay, so, they’re creepier than the first impression implied…
    • Stop texting them. Simple as that.
  • So you keep looking. Keep ignoring those creepy messages (refer to the first post), saying no to the guys with shirtless mirror selfies, screenshotting and sending hilarious things to your roommate.
  • Then another one seems okay… Okay, this guy really isn’t so bad.
    • In fact, he seems fairly normal and you could totally picture yourself grabbing a drink with him and continuing this conversation face to face.
    • So he makes the move after about 3 days of texting… He asks if he can take you out.
      • Key pieces to remember:
        • Do not, in any circumstance, go to this man’s home. This is common sense, but some people are kind of idiots.
        • Meet at a public place, tell someone where you’re going to be and what time you’re going. Again, to me, common sense, but again, some people are dumb.
  • You continue to stalk these other profiles but begin to realize how silly all of this really is. What can really come out of this online thing? Like, really?
  • But then, the date is set. 
    • Hopefully he picks the place, because you’re brand new to the area and you have no idea where anything is in this town. Do you take a cab? Does he pick you up? (Second thought, no, not sure I want him to know where I live quite yet..) So you decide to definitely take a cab.

What happens once you meet?! What if he looks nothing like his picture? What if he’s incredibly awkward in person and only awesome through the phone?

But then again, what if he’s just as awesome as he’s seemed? Stay tuned to find out…


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