Bye, Maryland.

It’s my final Thursday living in the DMV. I’ve been doing some fun things, doing a lot of lazing around, and just embracing my last few weeks left here. Here’s what I’ve been up to, with a little Thinking Out Loud.

1. I went out to dinner with my sister and mom to celebrate getting  a job and the big move. We chose Cava Mezze which is one of my favorite places ever. We drank a bottle of wine, enjoyed each others company and just chatted about what’s to come.

Sister and I 🙂
Riesling, mini gyros and all the pitas you can eat.

2. I briefly told you about my 11 miler last week, about how it felt great. Well, I think I have one reason why it felt so good…


I think that the Vega pre-workout definitely did it’s job! I felt like I could run forever. Again, I was going about a minute slower average mile pace than I would like to finish the race, but it just felt so good. Honestly, it tasted like vomit, but just plug your nose and chug – ready, set, GO!

3. Any advice on proteins?? I’ve been trying out the Vega – the sport I only use for after long runs, but have been using their other normal ones as breakfast meal replacements. I’m looking to slim down once I finish this half – I’m uncomfortable and would really like to get back to my comfortable weight. My roommate and I have been researching a lot but I will take any and all suggestions from you all!

4. My sister wanted to hit the outlets and who am I to say no to that?! We headed up to Hagerstown last weekend and I grabbed a few good deals! I ended up with a sweater and dressy shirt from NY&C, a shirt from Gap, and snagged a great deal on this Fossil watch!


It was originally $120 and I got it for $47! I love the turquoise face and rose gold color.

5. I took a walk up to the lake earlier this week and just sat by the docks taking it all in. It’s gonna be weird not having that in my back yard anymore. I’m sure I’ll find  a new go-to place to go in Philly, but I sure am going to miss this view…


6. I’ve hung out with this ONE year old a bunch the past few days and I just cannot get enough of him…



I just love him. Love, love, love, love him. And I cannot believe that he is one year old. Happy Belated Birthday B-Mack. You are the best little boy, ever.


7. A few days ago I went down in to DC to explore the National Arboretum. It totally would have been cooler if everything wasn’t dying, it wasn’t cold, and the rain wasn’t threatening to pour on us. But we did see the Capitol Columns which was pretty awesome…

IMG_7571 IMG_7568

These columns were persevered from the original Capitol building and brought here. It was a really cool thing to see, but the pictures online of it during the spring/summer looked even better. Still – it was a fun day!

8. And now, here I am. Tomorrow, I move to Philadelphia. And I am so ready for this. I cannot wait to live with one of my best friends and get started on this journey.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting in the next few days – but you know I’ll keep you posted about how the move goes. Happy Thursday, y’all. Enjoy the wet and rainy weekend!


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