& Hello, Philadelphia.

Well, I’m all moved in and am ready to start this new chapter in my life! It feels really good to be settled in and hopefully be back on a schedule once I start working (hopefully next week).

Best sister in law ever… And brother.

On Friday, my mom and I drove up to Philly in a big old nor’easter. It rained the entire time that we loaded the car, the entire drive up, the entire time we unloaded the car, and all the while we were out running errands. It was absolutely miserable. All I wanted to do was to lay in bed, Netflix & chill, all day. But I only had my mom up there with me for the day, so I wanted to take advantage of her being there to help… And maybe pay for a few things ;-).

Out street was a hot mess because of the crazy wind and rain…


Here are a few progress pictures of my room! I am in the works of thinking of something for above my bed –  can’t decide on artwork with shelves around it, or making a headboard, or just shelves and pictures?! I’m so indecisive but it definitely needs some love cause it is so bare.


So funny story about this bed…


It took 2 attempts, three people, maybe some tears, definitely some anger, bending it about 45 degrees, and full squats with it on our shoulders to get it up the steps. Our steps are very narrow.


It’s a 100+ year old home.. what do you expect? I was NOT happy when we failed the first time. So we ate dinner, and I was determined to get it up, and here it is! Corrin being the model, obvs.


My vanity area is coming along. I found this lamp at Marshall’s when we were out and about in the rain and I loved how tall and skinny it was. The mirror will be going up on the wall, and I am currently on the look out for some sort of chair or stool for the vanity.


Not a lot of my artwork and pictures are up yet, so for now I just have them laying on my bookshelf and dresser. Here is my little Maryland corner, for now.

Saturday the weather was a bit nicer, so my mom and I went exploring. It was definitely cold and super windy, but she had never been to Philadelphia before and I wanted to show her around…

We hit the liberty bell…


She met the pope…


And of course, Love Park.


Which was pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month – it was awesome!

We also walked around Reading Terminal Market which was super packed, but I will definitely need to go back when I have more time to explore all of the food options!

We headed back down to Maryland to drop off the rental car off and prepare for B’s first birthday party on Sunday!

Sunday morning started bright dark and early for me, as I set off on my long run. The rain and cold really messed with my schedule but I knew I needed to get a decent amount of miles in. I didn’t make the 12 I was supposed to do, but I’m okay with it. I finished 10 at a 10:45 pace which felt pretty good. Then it was time to celebrate B!


Again, the rain altered plans a bit – his party was supposed to be on a farm with a hay ride and pumpkin picking – but with the rain and cold, my sister decided against it and made a last minute switch to have it at her house. She did a great job decorating with all things fall, had a little pumpkin decorating for the older kids to do, and we had lots of yummy fall treats! Sunday ended with a dinner with Freddy down in Arlington.

And now that brings me here, to my couch in my living room in Philadelphia.

Here’s to new adventures in a new city!


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