Online Dating: The Actual Date.


Or maybe not…

The nerves. Oohhh, the nerves. Its excitement too, but the nerves are just overflowing! What do I wear? How do I do my hair? What is he going to be wearing? How much should I have to drink? Ahhhhhh!

So you text your friends your 5 different outfits because you can’t decide and your roommate is gone at a soccer game and can’t help you now. You finally decide on the outfit. You’re hair is already curly – because you may have asked him if he prefers hair curly or straight. You may or may not crack open a beer to ease the nerves a bit – but then remember you’re a lightweight and probably shouldn’t drink a beer before you go get beers… so you drink half. You half heartedly watch Jeopardy as you impatiently wait for the time to call the Uber.

In the Uber your heart is pretty much pounding out of your chest because you have no idea what to expect. Will this be awkward? Will he look totally different than pictures? What if I trip walking up to him? Did I brush my teeth? OMG shut up, you’re fine. (Self-talk.)

So you see him standing on the corner when the Uber pulls up and you observe from a far. You cross the street, say hello, give a hug and the awkwardness just fades away…

Conversation comes easy. You chat for hours about anything and everything under the sun. Family. Work. College. Awkward years in middle school. You finish up the third beer and decide to walk a bit down South Street and continue the conversation at a different place. You grab seats at the bar, he orders you both another beer and the conversation just continues to flow. Maybe you get a little flirty. You make sure your knees are touching, just enough so that he knows its there.

And before you know it, it’s almost midnight on a Tuesday. He walks with you down South Street, closer to your house and further away from his house, to Broad to pick up a cab easier. Maybe he reaches for your hand on the walk, maybe he keeps his distance. Maybe, you think, this couldn’t be going any more perfectly.

So he hails you a cab, says goodnight, and off you go towards home.

And there. You survived your first date. And you’ve already set a second one…


5 thoughts on “Online Dating: The Actual Date.

  1. Hey! I stumbled upon your blog somehow and I just wanted to say hello! I live in Philly too, and I also did the online dating thing. I hope you’re settling in well 🙂

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