Online Dating: When Things Take A Turn

Edit: I realized how disturbing this title sounds once it was published. Don’t worry. Not a seriously dangerous turn, haha. Just an awkward, what do I do now turn… You may now continue reading…

So you move to a new city and join a few online dating sites to just see whats out there, maybe meet some new people, and explore your options a bit. You figure out what you don’t like, you maybe find someone that seems okay, and maybe you even go out for drinks with one of them.

Then you go out on a 2nd date, and the third is just straight up catastrophic.

You start to feel like he’s a bit of a stage five. AKA stage five clinger. AKA way too serious, way too quick. AKA quick to assume you want him to stay over. AKA always texting you, all the time. can’t.

So then you sort of make plans to hang out and plans change a bit because there’s a few festivals and you really just want to spend time with your best friend, your roommate.. you know, who you actually moved to this city to hang out with…

Then he shows up to this festival, where you planned to meet up initially, alone and very drunk. Sorry. What?

So then all that you and your roommate can talk about is how unattractive and ridiculous that the whole situation is. But, how do you ghost him discreetly? Or do you just be straight up with him and tell him you’re not feeling it?

Debating just being straight up. Because I would want someone to be straight up with me. So that may be the only way to go…

At this point. I’m over online dating. I do, honestly, think it’s the norm now a days. Because meeting people is hard. but for right now – I’m just gonna enjoy this city, focus on my job, and whatever happens, happens.

Keep on, keeping on, online daters. You never know what you’ll find out there…


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