Philly Phun-employment

So I don’t officially start working until next week, which means that I’ve had a solid week and a half of funemployment time to explore my new digs and just mentally prepare to start my career – scary!

So this is going to be a little “Life Lately” post… Covering just about everything I’ve been doing while I’ve been home in this new city. Let’s take a look!

A lot of my days are spent on the couch, watching TV and blogging, or it’s spent out shopping. Having just moved in, I’ll go through my day to day life and realize there are little things that I still need. Q-tips, a baking sheet, groceries, spices, etc. So I find myself at Target/Wal-Mart/Marshalls quite often throughout my days. When I’m not doing that… I’ve been outside exploring!


I live right on the Delaware River and I had some fun exploring one of the trails along it some time last week. It led me here, to this Pier, above. It’s a short trail, this pier was a little less than a mile away. But it’s nice to know what I have around me!

Late last week I went to explore the Art Museum, Kelly Drive, and Lemon Hill. Kelly Drive actually has an 8+ mile trail around it that I will definitely be taking advantage of whenever I train for anything again. Or if I just feel like running a lot.


I walked/jogged past Boathouse Row (A row of local university’s Row houses – where they keep all of their boats for crew), and found a spot at a little monument for some discoverer or something (I forget…) and I just sat and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

I made it up Lemon Hill at one point, which wasn’t as exciting as I anticipated, but was definitely hilly – another place I can go if I need hills for training…


And of course, here’s the Art Museum. They have the Amor sign up from when the Pope was here a few weeks ago.


A different day last week, I ran over to Franklin Square – a good 2 miles from my house.


There wasn’t anything too exciting there, but they had a carousel which was pretty cool. There was a little coffee shop/stand in the square, along with picnic tables, a fountain and mini-golf. I also saw where the entrance to the bridge was from this square, which leads me to my run that happened yesterday…


My run yesterday led me to Race Pier which, as you can see, sits right below Ben Franklin Bridge.


I didn’t plan on stopping at all during this run, but how could I not just sit here and embrace the beautiful view and amazing day. There are a ton of places to just sit and stretch, there were people working out on the Pier, and Corrin told me that sometimes they do a free yoga class there – cool!

I debated turning around heading back home – but I knew I was super close to getting on to the bridge so I elongated my run, and am so glad that I did!


The Ben Franklin Bridge has a pedestrian walkway that leads all the way over to New Jersey, across the river. It also offers an amazing view of the city. And now I just got the biggest urge to do a sunset/sunrise run here – how incredible would that be?!


The bridge also doubles as hill training – since it’s pretty much straight up hill, then straight down hill. Win-win!


And there ya have it!

My running has taken me all over the city so far – but I’m sure there are some other areas that I have yet to explore. I can’t wait to find them! My next run: will be the Baltimore Half Marathon on Saturday – yikes. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on that later in the week. Until then.. Happy Tuesday!


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