Tuesday Tunes

This past weekend was a good one, but I didn’t take many pictures so here’s the run down:

Halloween Costume Sneak Peak
  • Friday night, happy hour turned in to a happy night and some poor alcohol-fueled decisions which led to a lazy and hungover Saturday morning.
  • Saturday evening I headed to Corrin’s hometown for her family Halloween party. That was filled with lots of delicious food, pumpkin carving and kids running around like crazy. We were more than happy to be in bed by 11pm on Saturday night after Friday’s shenanigans.
  • Sunday started with a solid Nike Training Club workout – followed by some laziness, football watching and more pumpkin carving!
Lone pic taken Friday night – HAHA


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted some Tuesday Tunes. And since my life is pretty boring right now – consisting of mainly work, eating, working out and sleeping – I figure I would just throw some tunes at ya! For those who are new around here, Tuesday Tunes is just when I give you a few songs that I’ve been loving and running to recently.

First up… the Biebs. Yup. Who woulda thought I would blast Justin Bieber every time it comes on? I certainly didn’t. But his new song “Sorry” is a good one. Check it out! Don’t mind all the twerking and such in the dance video – haha!

And the next song I’m seriously loving right now is Avicii – Broken Arrows. Seriously, how can you get any more perfect than by mixing Avicii with Zac Brown!? Obsessed.

Last up: Olly Murs! Love me some Olly and this song just makes me want to dance.

And that’s all I’ve got for ya! I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday!


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