Thinking Out Loud

Hi friends! It’s Thursday which only means one thing around here – it’s time to link up with Amanda and other bloggers with a little Thinking Out Loud! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check it out here.


1. I should probably start a book of ridiculous things that happen in the hospital at work. Because I see some pretty ridiculous things. Point in case: Yesterday I walk in to a patient’s room and there is a dog next to her bed. Service dog – but a dog. No big deal, service dogs are intelligent, well-behaved, and know what they’re doing. Ahem… Most are intelligent, well-behaved, and know what they’re doing. This dog jumped on the patient; who was one day post back surgery and hadn’t been out of bed yet. Are you kidding me. It was a disaster and that dog was terrible. The end. (The patient was fine, btw)

2. Speaking of work, things are going well! I’m seeing nearly a full case load and have been on my own all week. It’s nice because I’m given the freedom of being solo, but my mentor is only a quick page away if I really need her for clarification on a protocol or if I’m not comfortable seeing a patient on my own (due to lines and tubes, mostly).

3. This weekend I have zero plans and I’m pretty excited about it. I feel like things have been go-go-go lately and I’m ready for a weekend to just relax and do whatever. I’m pretty over the bar scene and waking up feeling terrible, so a completely alcohol-less weekend would be amazing in my book.

4. I haven’t posted much about it (or at all really) on here, but my roommate and I are about a week and a half in to the 21 Day Fix. We both haven’t been feeling like our best selves lately and we wanted to do something about it. Our old roommate does it and sells the packages and convinced us to do it and so far we are both loving it. While we have had our little slip-ups and of course Halloween drinking cheat night – we each have lost a few pounds and overall feel less bloated and more comfortable. We don’t actually have the CDs of the workouts, but the diet was our biggest concern. Corrin has a back injury that’s limiting her from most physical activity and my neck issue was flaring up last week so workouts were slim – but it just goes to show how much diet > exercise effects weight loss. I’ve never been one to limit what I eat – but I’m getting to that age where my metabolism isn’t as quick as it used to be I guess, so I’m trying to be smarter and I needed a kickstart.

5. The other night I literally chased down the sunset in order to get these shots… It was absolutely incredible and no, there is no filter on any of these pictures.



I love it. I found a route that basically just takes me to this pier. It ends up being just under or just over 3.5 miles which is the perfect afternoon run.

6. Also, can we just talk about how amazing this weather is?! It’s November, right?! I ran after work yesterday and it was 71 degrees. I’ll take it!

7. I laced up the boots Tuesday night to play soccer with Corrin’s team and it felt so good. I played for them the week of my half marathon but didn’t do great cause I was mentally preserving my legs. This time it just felt so good to get back out there and I loved it. Once a new season starts up I’m definitely going to to join the team officially. I don’t really head the ball because of my neck issues so I like taking the free kicks; I had an assist and hit the post off of a few free kicks.. I’ve still got it, kind of.

8. I’m going to NYC to see all of my best friend in December and I can’t wait! I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never been to NYC, despite the fact that my best friend has lived there for over 3 years now. I’m so excited to see everyone together and in a new-to-me city!

9. Heading in to the holiday season, obviously working in a hospital made me nervous about my chances about going home. Fortunately, being a new employee and in my 90-day probation period I don’t have to work on the holidays. But, the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve are not considered holidays – and sick people can’t decide when they are and are not sick. So I will be at work those days. Meaning that I’ll be staying in Philly for Thanksgiving and driving home Christmas Eve night. not optimal – but that’s the real world.

Andddddd I think that’s all I’ve got for ya! Happy Thursday, y’all… It’s almost Fri-YAY!


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